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icon Nov 11, 2021 - Jamie Grover

Fitness Expert, Jamie: Fitness Journalist and Copywriter

Jamie is a 21-year-old fitness journalist specialising in bodybuilding and powerlifting. He first started lifting weights at 17 years old to help him excel as a basketball player. However, he began to take training seriously and made lifting weights his main priority during his second year of university.

“I started taking the gym seriously at 19 years old, towards the end of 2019. I realised how severely being body-shamed about my slim frame had affected my confidence and mental health. I wanted to make a change. I then became obsessed with a mixture of powerlifting and bodybuilding, and I haven’t stopped pushing since.”

Jamie has an extensive knowledge on the theory and science behind training, programming, nutrition, and recovery. He also had a minimal home gym set-up during the first national lockdown where he learned how to train effectively with little-to-no equipment.

What’s your favourite lift?

The squat has slowly become my favourite lift over time. It’s my best lift of the main big-three, and it’s the exercise I see the best results from.

Who’s your fitness idol?

I’d have to say Jeff Nippard. I really like his content because his opinions on fitness are backed up with actual evidence, and his advice is the best of anyone I know. I admire how he learns as much as he can about training so he can use his knowledge to help others.

If you could only use one piece of gym equipment for the rest of your life, what would it be?

It’d be a pair of dumbbells for sure. I only had one pair of dumbbells during lockdown, and it made me realise how versatile they are. You can use them for all body parts, and they take up no space at home. I learned how to implement progressive overload while using the same weights every session by adding reps/sets over time or reducing rest times.

Consult Jamie on Twitter: @jamiegrover9

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