Contribute to our fitness resource

Contribute to our fitness resource

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MuscleSquad is more than just a fitness equipment company, we believe in encouraging health and making fitness accessible, fun, simple and achievable for everyone. We want to help people learn, build, and grow, both physically and mentally.

To this end we're building our online knowledge resource to offer advice, guidance and thought provoking content to people at every stage of their fitness, weightlifting or body building journeys.

We're looking for interesting and informative new content to inform and guide our growing community so, whether you’re a professional fitness writer or blogger, qualified PT, professional / semi-professional sports person or just an articulate fitness enthusiast looking to share your passion and your knowledge, we’d love to hear from you.

If you’re passionate about health, fitness, nutrition, weightlifting, body building or anything else in this sphere and you’d like to be published as part of our squad here’s what to do:

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