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icon Nov 11, 2021 - Jamie Grover

Fitness Expert, Kyle: Personal Trainer and Coach

Kyle is a level 4 strength and conditioning coach who started PTing in March 2018. He trains people of all ages and abilities, including high performing athletes. Since a young age, Kyle has played a variety of sports. His first word as a child was “ball”. Kyle decided he wanted to transform his body when he finished university and fell in love with the process. When he’s not coaching, he’s a semi professional football player, who also has a love for golf.

Having seen the benefits of sport, exercise, and general physical activity on my own health and body in the last 5 years, I am now able to give my clients that same feeling of self-progression and achievement, which is incredibly rewarding and the reason I love my job.”

Kyle aspires to better his clients and himself every day, and prides himself on his attitudes to creating lifelong changes and achieving lifelong goals. He’s worked with clients from the ages of 9-73 of all abilities. One of Kyle’s clients even plays hockey at an international level for Scotland.

What is your favourite lift?

Gotta be the squat. It’s demanding but great because there’s so much you can do with it. It’s easy to play around with tempos, loads, and programming depending on your preferences and goals. You can also go heavy on it which is always fun. I’m also a big fan of Olympic lifting, especially the clean and jerk.

Who is your fitness idol?

I wouldn’t say I have one single fitness idol. There are a lot of people I look up to in the fitness and sports industry. Mainly I admire people with a strong work ethic and desire to become the best they can be.

If you could only use one piece of gym equipment for the rest of your life, what would it be?

A barbell. They’re so versatile and you can use them for everything. Functional training, strength training, and to build size. A barbell is all you need to train your whole body. Compound lifts are especially important to me when training my clients, and you can’t do them without a barbell.

Consult Kyle on Instagram: @fitnesscoachkyle

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