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Weight & Exercise Benches

A solid weight bench is essential for maximizing your workouts. It’s the perfect compliment to a set of dumbbells, a cable stack or a power rack, as it gives you the base you need to tap in to a variety of exercises. We sell a variety of gym benches, from home gym solutions to commercial-grade benches. Whatever you’re in the market for, we’re confident we’ll have something for you.


What you should know about weight benches

The two primary types of weight benches are flat and adjustable ones. Flat benches sacrifice versatility for a sturdier build and a lower price tag, while adjustable weight benches are more expensive and should be seen as a future-proofing solution; whatever muscle you want to hit, you’ll be able to do it on an adjustable bench.

Flat benches are great if stability is your main requirement. Their fixed nature means they don’t move around as much as an adjustable bench, which gives you peace of mind when doing heavy pressing exercises.

Adjustable benches are the more popular option due to the number of exercises you can train on them. Through an easy-to-access mechanism, you’re able to bring the bench from an entirely flat position to an incline setting and anywhere in between. Some of our benches have a decline option, too.

Finally, if you’re looking to train your abs, you’ll want a flat, incline and decline (FID) bench. This will let you lie in a decline position to perform weighted sit-ups, twists and other core movements.

Take a look through our weight benches and packages to see which one is right for you. We’ve listed some frequently asked questions below, but simply reach out to our team over live chat if you need anything else.



Do your benches come pre-built?

Some of our benches come pre-built, but most will need to be assembled. Don't worry, though — none of our benches take longer than an hour to build so you'll be training in no time!


How do I assemble my weight bench?

You’ll receive a hardware pack with your bench that includes all of the equipment needed to assemble it.


Can I adjust a weight bench?

You can on adjustable weight benches but not on fixed benches. Check the title and description of the product to see if it’s adjustable, or make the judgement based off the picture; if you can see a gear and locking system along the bottom of the bench then chances are it’s adjustable.


Should I get a flat or adjustable weight bench?

Good question!

Adjustable benches are more popular and generally what we recommend to people, simply because they also double up as a flat bench when they’re declined. That said, due to the build, adjustable benches aren’t quite as stable as fixed ones. It won’t be major, but you might notice some light wobbling on these benches when performing certain exercises.

Flat benches aren’t quite as popular but they still have their place in a gym. They’re great for performing pressing movements on a strong, sturdy surface. They won’t wobble unless you really push them and tend to have higher load ratings than adjustable benches.

In most situations though, an adjustable bench is likely to be more suitable for you.


How do I store my bench when it’s not in use?

If you have a folding weight bench then the answer is simple: fold it away! Our Phase 1 Adjustable Dumbbell Bench is a great piece of kit to start your fitness journey and folds down into a small footprint.

If not, then you still have a portable bench that you can tuck into the corner of a room. Our weight benches (excluding the Phase 1 range) come with a set of wheels on the frame which allow you to easily move it around the room.


Are weight benches suitable for beginners?

Absolutely. A bench is essential for so many exercises. Not only that, but it protects your back in certain movements by giving you a surface to rest on. For beginners and experienced lifters alike, a weight bench unlocks more exercises and helps prevent injury while training.


Can I build muscle using a weight bench?

100%. An exercise bench is one of the most important pieces of equipment for pressing exercises like chest press and shoulder press. These are two key movements for building muscle in those muscle groups which makes a weight bench a clear gem when you’re looking to build muscle.


Can I use a weight bench for cardio?

It’s not the primary function but you can definitely get inventive with it. Why not try some box jumps, step ups, bench burpees or jump squats in your next routine to get your heart racing?


What’s the max weight I can lift on an exercise bench?

This all depends on the bench you’re using. Our lowest load rating is 170kg while our highest extends well over 300kg. Always confirm your bench’s load rating before purchasing to make sure you’re lifting safely, and remember that it’s a total weight load that your bench is rated for, so that includes your body weight and the weight you’re lifting.


Can I store a weight bench outside?

We’d advise against it. It’s important to keep your equipment in a temperature-controlled environment and leaving it outside will simply lead to rust and your equipment growing weaker.


What width should my weight bench be?

There’s no one answer to this, but what we will say is that it’s key to measure your workout space before purchasing anything. If you already have a squat rack, make sure your bench will fit nicely within while still giving you room to train.


What’s the warranty on your benches?

All of our weight benches come with a one year warranty.