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icon Dec 20, 2021 - Think Shaw

Home Gym Hero, Mike Gray: Slow Burn, Big Bang

If you’re dreaming of furnishing your house with sports equipment and need inspiration, you don’t have to look far. Meet Mike Gray – a home gym owner and a devoted fitness enthusiast.

Where did you start your fitness journey?

I've always been into fitness, running, HITT session and cycling. I only had random bits of equipment in the garage then - some cheap weights, an exercise bike and a second hand squat rack. 

How is your gym coming along now?

It probably took about 5 years for me to upgrade to the Big Bang style gym I have now. It's largely finished, I just need a weight rack, some storage and maybe some new dumbbells. 

Roughly how much has it cost you so far?

Including the decorating and the new door, I'd say I've spent about £5k, but I sold my old equipment to make way for the new!

Is there anything you'd change?

I wouldn't have really done anything differently, it's a journey. I do wish the gym was bigger so that I could maybe have a preacher bench and some leg machines.

What piece of equipment do you think every home gym should have?

Every gym needs free weights! Ideally, a good selection of heavy and light. 

What's your favourite thing about having your home gym?

My favourite thing about my gym is that I don't have to commute or share the space. It's always available.


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