Top Tips for Personal Trainers

Top Tips for Personal Trainers

Becoming a personal trainer is the most wonderful career. You get to spend your days helping improve other people’s lives and you get to meet some inspiring people along the way.

To make your experience as smooth, positive, and enjoyable as possible here are my top tips for personal trainers either just starting or looking to develop their business. 

Number One

Make learning your number one priority. The more you know the more able you are to help your clients and there are some fantastic sources of information available for personal trainers to increase their knowledge above and beyond the initial qualification. 

Set yourself goals of improving your knowledge in one area every week.

Every client you meet will be different and will need help differently. 

The more you know the easier it is to identify this.

Number Two 

Have a clear set of terms and conditions.

Your clients will become your friends along the way and of course, you want to do the very best for them, but this is your business and your livelihood, so your clients need to understand what you expect from them when they join your coaching program for example do, they understand your cancellation policy and your payment terms.

Clear of this is for everybody easier it is.

Number Three

Reach out to other coaches within the industry because sometimes being a personal trainer can feel a little lonely.

Your social media and any other forms of contact to talk to other coaches and build a support network around you so that when you have those days when you struggle you have colleagues you can find support from.

Number Four

Understand that you can't help everyone and sometimes you have to say no.

This is where having a rock-solid consultation process, where you understand the person in front of you and what their goals are is super important.

Make sure you understand what type of people you want to work with and how many clients you can realistically provide an excellent level of service to and don't push yourself be on this.

Number Five

practice what you preach

You must leave time in your schedule to be able to train eat and sleep just because you have more hours available in the day doesn't mean you need to fill them with extra clients. Diarise your training diarise your lunch break and give yourself working hours. 

Number Six

Remember that there are so many ways that you can expand your business and being a personal trainer doesn't have to mean being on the gym floor.

  • You can train people outside
  • You can train people in their homes
  • You can train people on zoom
  • You can become an online coach 
  • You could qualify as a nutritionist make this your specialism
  • You can run classes

The options are endless, but the key is to do what you enjoy and then you can provide the best service. 

Number Seven

Take care of yourself, being a personal trainer, you should be somebody that loves exercise but that doesn't mean that long days on your feet won't sometimes make you feel a bit cream crackered.

Find some 'you' time every week this can be anything from coffee with a friend or a sports massage to take care of your hard-worked muscles

Number Eight

If a client doesn't achieve the results that they want, don't beat yourself up about it.

Think about it like this when people climb Everest, they need a mountain guide to show them the way and educate them on how to get there but the actual claim has to be done by the client and this is no different in personal training you can provide as much support and education as possible but the client still has to do the climb and sometimes people just aren't ready.

Number Nine

As a personal trainer, you will experience times when you're so busy you feel like you barely have time to blink and then suddenly you feel like you're so quiet that you're scared for your business.

They will always be peaks and troughs embrace the busy times and work hard and when the quiet times come use this to rest recover learn and tell everyone why you're such a great trainer.

Number Ten

Now and then with your clients, you will experience something special:

  • The first pull-up
  • The first push-up
  • Deadlift PB
  • Weight loss goal achieved

Those things have happened because of you and the support you have provided to that person to enable them to work hard and commit to their goals.

Hold onto those moments and they will bring you happiness throughout your career.

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