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Dumbbell & Weight Racks

Nothing downgrades a gym as much as a trail of dumbbells littered across the floor. Our range of dumbbell and weight storage racks work to de-clutter your space and organise your equipment. Take a look through our range or scroll to the bottom where we’ve answered some of your most common questions.


What you should know about dumbbell & weight racks

Weight storage racks play a simple but vital role in a gym. They free up floor space by neatly housing your gear and make it easier to sort your dumbbells from lightest to heaviest. 

We stock a range of racks that are suitable for most major dumbbell types including hex, round and neoprene dumbbells. Alternatively, if you’re investing in a rack system as well, then we have storage extensions for both our Phase 3 and Phase 4 modular ranges. Why not make the most of your space and add some weight storage to your rack?

However big or small your storage needs, we’re confident we can fulfil them. Take a look at some of our commonly asked questions if you’re unsure which option to go for.



Why should I get weight storage for my gym?

It’s worth investing in a dedicated storage rack once your collection exceeds more than a few dumbbells. If you only train with a couple of weights, or if you utilise adjustable dumbbells, then it’s much less important. But when you have a significant number of dumbbell pairs, a storage rack will free up floor space, make your gym tidier and allow you to easily sort your dumbbells into weight order.


Do you sell dumbbell and storage packages?

Absolutely. Our dumbbell and storage packages are some of our most popular products. Choose from a light or heavy set of dumbbells with the appropriate storage here.


Where can I store weight plates in my gym?

There’s two options for storing weight plates in your gym: you can opt for a standalone weight tree or utilise storage horns that bolt onto a squat rack. We have storage horn add-ons for both our Phase 3 and Phase 4 modular rack ranges. All you need to do is fix them to your rack and you’ll be able to store your weight plates right where you need them.


How much weight can a storage rack hold?

Each storage rack will have a different max load but you can expect it to be significant each time. Our vertical dumbbell rack is rated to 300kg, our three-tiered rack is rated to 600kg and our heavy duty two-tier rack is rated to a massive 1,200kg.


Will all dumbbell types fit on your storage racks?

All major dumbbell types will fit on our racks including hex, round and neoprene dumbbells. The only exception here is that neoprene dumbbells won’t fit on our two-tier heavy duty dumbbell rack. This is because the rack is intended for larger, heavier weights instead.


How can I keep my home gym tidy?

The best way to keep a home gym tidy is by being smart with your space. When it comes to dumbbell storage, the clear winner here is our vertical rack. With room for eight pairs of dumbbells and a respectable max load of 300kg, it does a lot in a small footprint.


How do I store dumbbells in a small space?

Getting as many dumbbells into a small space is an art form that we like to think we’ve become quite good at. You’re always going to get the most efficiency by stacking dumbbells above each other, which our vertical and three-tiered racks do perfectly. 


Do your storage racks come pre-assembled or do I need to build them myself?

All of our storage racks need to be assembled once they’ve arrived, but don’t fret — they’re comfortably the easiest build of any product we sell. You’ll receive a hardware pack in your delivery with everything you need to assemble your purchase along with a set of instructions.


Do you offer free delivery?

Yes, all orders over £50 qualify for free delivery. Please note that orders to Northern Ireland and certain areas of Scotland may incur additional delivery charges.


What’s the warranty on your weight storage racks?

All of our storage racks come with one year of warranty.