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Weight Storage Racks

If you’ve got multiple pairs of weight plates or dumbbells, a weight plate or dumbbell storage rack is the perfect way to clean up a cluttered gym and proudly display your weight sets.



Types of dumbbell storage racks

We sell two types of dumbbell storage rack: a vertical rack, and a three tier rack. The vertical rack has the smaller footprint of the two, taking up just 575x560mm of floor space with a capacity of 8 pairs of dumbbells, ideal for our sets of Hex or Neoprene Dumbbells. Our three tier rack is larger, covering an area of (H)830 x (W)1200 x (D)530 . It can hold up to 9 pairs of dumbbells, neatly displaying them across its three shelves, but can also hold items such as slamballs.


Do I need a storage rack?

Dumbbell storage racks are designed to be a long-term solution for de-cluttering and saving space in your home gym. Plus, they look great. Our Vertical Rack holds up to 300kg, while our Three Tier Rack holds up to 600kg of weight, so they're a smart investment for someone looking to expand their dumbbell collection.