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Cable Machines

You’ll struggle to find a piece of gym equipment as versatile as the cable machine. Whether you opt for a single or a dual pulley machine, you’ll be able to hit every major muscle group with this winning piece of kit. Find the perfect cable machine for you below.




What cable machine should I buy?

We have a number of cable machines to suit your goals and space. For compact and home gyms, the Phase 2 Quarter Squat Rack with Cable Pulley is a good option to pack a lot of functionality into a small area. Those of you who are looking to get the full benefit from your cable machine should consider one with dual pulleys. This means that your rig has two cable pulldowns next to each other, allowing you to tap into cable chest flys and other exercises that are only possible on a twin setup. You could also take your workout space to the next level by investing in a cable machine that doubles up as a rack for squats, bench press and deadlifts. Our Multi-Functional Trainer, for example, boasts a set of dual cable pulleys along with a smith machine and barbell exercise setup.


Is a cable machine better than free weights?

Some people would argue yes, others would argue no, but there are clear differences between a cable machine and free weights. The most significant of these is how, through a cable machine, your lift is supported the entire way through. You’re pulling (or pushing) a weighted cable through the same range of motion with each rep. This can help you establish good form – especially in beginners. On the flip side, though, the added control of a cable machine can reduce how broadly you engage your muscles. You’re not battling gravity like you are with free weights, so it’s more likely that you’re going to be isolating a certain part of the muscle you’re training. This can be a positive or a negative depending on what your goals are. A cable machine and free weights are different pieces of equipment with different strengths and weaknesses. You’ll find the ideal setup through combining both methods of training.


Should I get a cable machine for my home gym?

A cable machine is one of the most powerful additions for a home gym. The sheer number of attachments means there’s no shortage of ways in which you can push your body. Lat pulldowns and tricep pulldowns are two movements that can only be done through a cable machine – and they’re a staple of nearly every gym-goer. Even beyond these, though, you can train pretty much every muscle group with a cable machine. Slap a straight bar or a rope extension on and you’ll set your biceps on fire. Use a V bar extension and you’ll be activating your back with every squeeze. When it comes to getting the most out of your home gym, a cable machine is essential.


What exercises can I do with a cable machine?

The better question would be: what can’t you do with a cable machine? The most common exercises that people use a cable machine for are lat pulldowns, chest flys and tricep pulldowns. But with a little bit of creativity, you can train just about every muscle group. Want to grow your shoulders? You can do front raises, side raises and seated shoulder press with a cable machine. Rather sharpen those abs? Use a rope extension to do weighted crunches and then thank (or curse) us tomorrow. You can even perform a makeshift squat with your pulley! Seriously, a cable machine is the best-in-class piece of gym equipment when it comes to versatility.