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Weight Plates & Weight Plate Sets

Weight plates are an essential tool for building muscle. They unlock compound barbell movements like squats, deadlifts and bench press which are some of the most crucial exercises for putting on size and strength. Browse our range of weight plates and weight plate sets to find the option that’s right for you.


What you should know about weight plates

Weight plates are a must-have addition to your barbell set. They come in a number of different varieties and sizes, which we’ll explain the positives and negatives of below.

Hole size

Weight plates come in two hole sizes: 1 inch and 2 inch. 1 inch plates fit small, personal bars — think the spinlock sets you might have seen where you load them with small weight plates.

2 inch plates fit all Olympic barbells and are the standard in body building, powerlifting and strength training. These are the most common type of plates you’ll see and comfortably outsell their 1 inch counterparts.

Plate type

  • Bumper PlatesBlack Bumper, Crumb Bumper, Coloured Bumper. If you’re looking to perform heavy exercises like deadlifts, where weight dropping is necessary, then bumper plates are your best friend. This is due to the diameter being exactly the same, no matter which weight you pick. If your goal is to use plates for bodyweight exercises then tri-grip will be a great addition to your gym. Although there’s many different weight plates, style is key to make your gym look the part.
  • Tri-GripRubber Tri-Grip, Cast Iron Tri-Grip. Features a unique ergonomic design with three handles for easy movement during workouts. These plates are ideal for a wider range of exercises without the need of a barbell such as lateral raises, chest press and calf raises.
  • CompetitionMetal Core Black Bumper, Metal Core Coloured Bumper. These weight plates are precision-engineered for professional weightlifting competitions. With a metal-core centre, these plates can withstand a super heavy impact.
  • 1-Inch PlatesVinyl, Cast Iron. Designed to fit standard 1-inch barbells, these starter plates are suitable for beginner and intermediate lifters who are starting their fitness journey at home. These weights are great value for money to dip your toe into the fitness world.

So when selecting the right weights for you, make sure they match your fitness goals and bring an elegant touch to your space.

We’ve answered your most frequently asked questions about weight plates below, however if we’ve missed anything then get in touch with our team who will be happy to assist.



Should I get tri-grip or bumper weight plates?

Bumper plates are great for exercises like deadlift, where you want to bar to rest evenly on the ground. Tri-grip is a good option for stand-alone exercises like lateral raises and calf raises since you can grip the plates securely. Another benefit to tri-grip plates is that they come in 1.25kg and 2.5kg increments, allowing you to make smaller jumpers in your progression.


Can weight plates fit all barbells?

Standard Olympic barbells will fit 2-inch weight plates, while smaller barbells like 5ft ones are likely to take 1-inch plates.


What type of weight plate should I use for deadlifts?

Bumper plates are key for deadlifts to ensure the diameter of the plates stays the same, keeping your form in top shape.


What type of weight plate should I use for bench press?

All types of weight plates are suitable for bench press.


Where can I store weight plates?

You can use storage poles on the side of a squat rack to store your plates.


Can weight plates be used for stand-alone exercises?

You can use tri-grip weight plates for strength exercises such as calf raises, squats, front raises and lateral raises.


Are weight plates suitable for beginners?

Absolutely. Weight plates are great whether you’re a professional or beginner to help grow your physic and keep fit.


What are weight plates made of?

Weight plates are generally made of either cast iron, rubber or urethane.


What’s the heaviest weight plate you sell?

The heaviest weight plate we sell is a 25kg bumper.


Can I drop my weight plates after a set?

If you are dropping your weight plates after each set, we would recommend bumper plates, especially the metal-core version. These are built to withstand heavy impact due to its reinforced centre.