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About Us

Our Story

MuscleSquad was born in 2017 by Chris Billingham, to test some of the theories & best practices he’d learned in his previous roles as a fitness equipment buyer for large UK retailers and online business consultant to many expanding online retailers.

Through forging strong relationships with fitness equipment manufacturers and UK based design, focusing on producing well thought out, high quality equipment, fair & mutually beneficial relationships, and robust supply chains, Chris found himself well positioned to meet the sudden explosion in demand for home gym equipment when the COVID lockdowns hit.

As other suppliers found themselves struggling to source products or took advantage of the rise in demand to jack up prices MuscleSquad stuck to our company mission statement to put the customer first and make fitness accessible to all. Not increasing prices, maintaining a relatively steady supply of home gym equipment and ensuring users always knew exactly what was happening quickly grew us a strong & loyal customer base, quick to highlight the excellent customer service & introduce friends to the quality products.

Our Mission

At MuscleSquad our mission is to encourage health and make fitness accessible to everyone all the time. We want to help people to learn, build, and grow. Not only physically but in all aspects of fitness, from conditioning to nutrition to mental health - the benefits of deciding to get fit, to exercise more, to eat better extend way beyond our physical health into all aspects of our personal & work lives.

We want to get you started on that journey, help you stay on that journey and encourage, motivate and inspire you to keep making progress whatever stage you’re at.

Our Team

Made of people who live and breath fitness, the MuscleSquad team is dedicated to provide you with what you need to achieve your health goals.

Meet the team:

MuscleSquad Founder & CEO, Chris
  • Founder & CEO, Chris
  • Favourite product/exercise: Quarter Rack & Cable Tricep Pulldown
MuscleSquad Marketing Manager, Steph
  • Marketing Manager, Steph
  • Favourite product/exercise: Kettlebell & deadlift
MuscleSquad Creative Brand Manager, Carl
  • Creative Brand Manager, Carl
  • Favourite product/exercise: Dumbbells & Single arm dumbbell chest press
MuscleSquad Customer Experience Pro., Sharna
  • Customer Experience Manager, Sharna
  • Favourite product/exercise: Dynamic Grip Handles & Lat pull-down 
MuscleSquad Delivery Manager, Joshua
  • Fulfilment Manager, Joshua
  • Favourite product/exercise: Quarter Rack & Incline DB press
MuscleSquad Operations Manager, Darren
  • Head of Supply, Darren
  • Favourite product/exercise: P300 & Running
MuscleSquad PT & Fitness Expert, Kyle
  • PT & Fitness Expert, Kyle
  • Favourite product/exercise: Squat Rack & Squats
MuscleSquad PT & Fitness Expert, Riley
  • PT & Fitness Expert, Riley
  • Favourite product/exercise: Squat Rack & Squats
  • PT & Fitness Expert, Lauren
  • Favourite product/exercise: Kettlebells & Turkish Get Up

View our Career page if you’re interested in joining the MuscleSquad team.