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Squat Racks & Power Racks

Discover our wide range of squat racks and power racks. Whether you're enhancing your home workout space or setting up a commercial gym, we have solutions for all fitness needs. Shop folding racks, cable-equipped rigs and much more with free UK delivery on orders over £50.


What you should know about squat racks

It’s true that a squat rack is a big investment but it opens up a whole world of training options for your gym. From the big three compound lifts to the different exercises you can train on our cable-equipped squat racks, there’s no shortage of ways it can support your workouts. All of our racks are built with premium materials for a sturdy, safe workout every time.

Our squat racks are split into different phases. Phase 2 is our budget-friendly collection of racks that are made for home gyms. They’re space-saving, feature-rich and come with all of the essential accessories.

A level above that is the Phase 3 range. All of our Phase 3 racks are modular, meaning you can add storage options and cable stacks to them in order to build a proper rig setup. These racks are suitable for serious home gyms and light commercial spaces.

Phase 4 is reserved for the best of the best. Our products in this line are commercially-graded and offer unmatched performance. Like Phase 3 these racks are modular so can be customized into your ideal setup, though we think you’ll be more than satisfied with our Phase 4 Cable-Equipped Flagship Rack.

Take a look through our squat racks and see which option is best for you. We’ve answered some of your most common questions below, but if there’s anything else you need to know then reach out to the team.



Which squat rack should I buy?

The right squat rack for you depends on your floor space, the type of training you want to do and your budget. If space is at a premium, then you’re likely looking at our Phase 2 Quarter Rack or Phase 2 Folding Rack. These have a compact footprint and even come with a cable pulley (plate-loaded or pin-loaded options available).

For those of you with a bit more space, picking a squat rack with a dual cable system is a good idea to combine two products in one. Our Phase 3 Dual Cable Stack and Phase 4 Cable-Equipped Rack are popular choices in this department.

If you want the ultimate all-in-one squat system, then our Multi-Functional Trainer combines a squat rack, dual cable pulleys and a smith machine into one machine.

Take a look through our range of squat racks to find the perfect fit for your gym.


What’s the difference between a squat rack and a power rack?

A squat rack in its simplest form enables you to safely perform a squat. As long as you have two vertical uprights and a set of J-Hooks then you have a squat rack.

A power rack is a more substantial rig that can be used for a variety of exercises. It has a minimum of four uprights so that you can perform exercises inside the ‘cage’ and usually has a safety arm feature to catch your weight if you bail out of a lift. A full power rack has at least six uprights and might feature plate storage or other features attached onto it.

The benefits of a squat rack is that they’re usually cheaper than a power rack and take up less space, whereas a power rack provides more variety of exercises and added safety while you train.


Can I use a multi-functional trainer as a squat rack?

Absolutely. Our Multi-Functional Trainers have a stainless steel front support that can comfortably perform as a squat rack. Both our original Multi-Functional Trainer and the advanced version have a max barbell load of 350kg so you’ll have no issue smashing your big lifts with them.


Can squat racks be used for other exercises?

Yes, there’s no reason why you can’t get creative with it. The standard exercises that you can perform on a squat rack are squats, bench press and deadlifts, though other exercises that are common to train are overhead press, bent over rows and pull-ups.

If your squat rack has built-in cables, then you can also access all of the exercises that you’d train on a cable machine. And by utilising attachments on your rack, you can get really imaginative by using an ankle cuff for hamstring curls, or by isolating your biceps over a leg brace for preacher curls. This versatility helps you hit muscles that you wouldn't be able to otherwise.

To put it plainly, a squat rack can be used for a ton of other exercises!


Do you sell folding squat racks?

We sure do. We know that making the most out of your space is essential, so we have a few folding offerings such as the Phase 2 Freestanding Rack, the Phase 2 Pin-Loaded Rack and the Phase 2 Wall-Mounted Folding Squat Rack.


Is a squat rack suitable for beginners?

While it can seem like a squat rack is only for pro lifters, there’s no reason a beginner can’t benefit from one as well. The big three compound lifts of bench press, squats and deadlift are fantastic for building functional fitness that you’ll notice in everyday life. Whether you’re exercising to grow stronger, lose weight or to look after your general health, a squat rack supports all of these functions so we’d say it’s absolutely suitable for a beginner. Besides, you dictate how much weight you lift!


How much weight can I load on a squat rack?

This varies depending on the supplier but it should always be a significant amount. Our squat racks have at least a 286kg load rating, with some of our products going up to 350kg. They’re built to hold weight so they’d better do it well!


How much space do I need for a squat rack?

This all depends on what you’d like to get out of your squat rack. If you’re only interested in performing squats, then all you need to allow room for is the rack itself and some clearance to step away from it. In this case, check out our Phase 2 Quarter Rack or our Phase 2 Wall-Mounted Folding Rack. The wall-mounted rack is especially space-efficient, with a folded-down profile of just 30cm away from the wall.

If you’re looking to perform bench press with your rack as well, then you need to take into account the space you’ll need to lay a bench down, which will be approximately 1.4 metres.


Can I add attachments to a squat rack?

Absolutely. In fact, it’s one of the smartest ways you can get the most out of your rack. You could add a dip bar to your rack, a landmine attachment, a lat pulldown seat, jammer arms, weight storage and more.

When purchasing our attachments, just make sure your add-on is suitable for your phase of rack. We have separate accessories for Phase 2, 3 and 4 racks along with the Multi-Functional Trainers that won’t fit another product line.


What size barbell do I need for a squat rack?

You can use any of our 7ft barbells with your squat rack or our 6ft international barbell. You’re not able to use standard 6ft barbells as these will be too short to fit onto the J-Hooks.


Are squat racks difficult to assemble?

Some of the more complex squat racks can be a slight challenge to assemble but for the most part it’s not too difficult. All squat racks come with a manual to follow and depending on the rack assembly will likely take you between 2-6 hours. We recommend having a second person to help you build the rack as some of the parts are heavy.


Do you offer installation services?

We don’t offer installation ourselves but we do have a list of recommended installers based around the UK. If you want to know who operates in your area, simply email us your postcode to info@musclesquad.com and our team will be happy to help.


What warranty do your squat racks have?

All of our squat racks come with a one year warranty.


How do I maintain a squat rack?

We recommend keeping all racks in a temperature-controlled environment to avoid rusting. Clean the surfaces regularly and, if your rack has a cable pulley system, then apply silicone oil to the rods every 4-6 months to keep it running silky smooth. For a more detailed maintenance guide, read our full blog.