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Fitness Accessories

Accessories are extra effective pieces of kit to help you maximise your workouts. Resistance bands and a gym mat are staple items in any home gym and can be used for full-body exercises, ab workouts, and yoga. We also have slamballs to add an exciting and new dynamic to circuit training, ab training, and cardiovascular workouts.




What fitness accessories are best for a home gym?

All of our fitness accessories make great additions to any home gym. They don't take up much space, they're multi-functional, and better still, they're affordable. A gym mat is ideal for making any floor surface ready to work out on. The sponginess protects both the floor and your joints, and the material is grippy enough to stop you from sliding around during exercise. Head to the blog for ideas on workouts you can do using fitness accessories.


Should I invest in accessories or equipment?

Fitness accessories are designed to be affordable but effective. Fitness accessories are the best bang for your buck option if you're looking to work out from home on a budget and work well to compliment larger home gym setups. If your goals are to build muscle or strength, it's a good idea to incorporate dumbbells or a barbell so that you can challenge your muscles enough to grow.