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Treadmill Series Vol. 4: Which Treadmill Is Right For Me?

Picking the perfect treadmill is the first hurdle to overcome in getting started with fulfilling your training needs. However, there's a few essential things to consider when looking for which treadmill is best for you.

First things first, you should consider the amount of space you have – are you looking to put your treadmill in a designated gym spot, or are you training in the living room? Is there a lot of room for your treadmill to go, or are you working with limited space? Knowing the answers to these queries is essential to picking the right treadmill – for instance, someone with limited space might want to opt for a treadmill with a portable folding option as opposed to a large treadmill.

Other important considerations to think of when looking for the right treadmill include the user weight limit. You want to ensure you don't exceed the weight limit, as this will hinder the performance of your treadmill. You'll also want to weigh up the style of your training and how fast you need your treadmill to go, as well as which features you need in your treadmill which is available with our models (e.g. incline, training programs, water bottle storage, phone/tablet holders, Bluetooth, data tracking etc.)

Muscle Squad P100 Folding Treadmill

The P100 

Our P100 treadmill is ideal for anyone working with limited space. Its compact folding design means that you can fold your treadmill down and store it lying or standing with a mini kickstand. This means it's the perfect choice for anyone working with a small space such as a living room where you don't want the treadmill taking up a significant chunk – simply fold it up under the sofas, behind a cupboard, or in a corner.

Plenty of customers also opt for the P100 for their home or garage gym since it's a great option for people who are keen to have plenty of floor space. With a 58kg weight and wheels for convenient transport, it’s easy to set up, move around, and pack away wherever you deem fit.

While the P100 is smaller than our other treadmills, it still achieves up to 15km/h speeds and has a motorised incline from 0-10%. On top of that, you'll also get 12 training programs and built-in Bluetooth connectivity to connect to apps like Kinomaps and Zwift. There's even an LED display which will keep you up to date with all the stats and dual speakers with USB charging – a perfect choice for people trying to get those steps up at home!

Muscle Squad P100 Folding Treadmill

The P200

If you're looking to take your treadmill workouts seriously but still want to save floor space, the P200 is the perfect middle ground from our models. It has a hydraulic folding system as well as wheels which make it portable as well as compact. However, it is heavier than the P100, clocking in at 83kg – while this is an increase in weight, it also means that it has an increased user weight of 136kg.

Its silicone and spring composite shock absorption system allow you to have a comfortable run with speeds of up to 18km/h, made possible by its 4HP engine. Its motorised incline goes from 0-15% and has improved upon features from the P100, such as an LCD display and 400m running track to simulate an athletics event. It's also packed with Bluetooth features and aux/USB connectivity to keep you entertained on your runs

If you're an athlete training for health, weight loss, marathons, or anything in-between, the P200 will cover all bases with ease.

Muscle Squad P200 Folding Treadmill

The P300

The P300 is our most advanced treadmill and is perfect for anyone who has plenty of space to spare and needs the highest quality features and build. With a 170kg weight, this treadmill is designed with designated gym spaces in mind and wouldn’t look out of place in a traditional gym!

It has a honeycomb silicone shock absorption system and a stylish look with LED deck lights – that means you can have a smooth and comfortable run in style! With a 20km/h speed, 15% incline, and large running area, the P300 is perfect for high-intensity and long-distance runs.

The P300 comes jam-packed with four LED screens, and an LED dot matrix screen which will keep you updated on time, distance, speed, pulse, and calories. You'll also have access to 12 built-in training programs at the press of a button, as well as Bluetooth connectivity, an inbuilt pulse sensor for accurate heart rate tracking, aux, USB & SD card compatibility, and tablet/bottle holders! There's even an onboard fan for cooling down after a lengthy workout.

The P300 can truly do it all and is definitely our highest-performing treadmill. However, bear in mind that because of its improved features, it does take up more space than the P100 and P200.

Muscle Squad P300 Advanced Treadmill


Hopefully, this outline of our treadmill options has made your choice much easier! For beginners who want to save on space, the P100 is the perfect choice. If you wish to perform better while still saving space, the P200 is the ideal middle ground – the P300 is for those looking for a treadmill fit for athletes for their designated home gym.

To find out more information about our treadmills, such as dimensions, photos and videos, head over to our product page. You can also watch our full treadmill comparison here for more information.

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