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The Multi-Function Trainer – A Complete Gym in One Rack

The Multi-Function Trainer is designed for any level of lifters looking to bring all aspects of the gym to the comfort of their own homes. It is the perfect all in one solution in a compact form factor, packed with features and accessories to elevate your training. Follow along below as we give you a little insight into our new, upgraded Multi-Function Trainer.  


MuscleSquad Multi-Functional Trainer Gym Machine


What is a Multi-Function Trainer? 

A Multi-Function Trainer is a piece of exercise equipment that is designed to support several types of strength and hypertrophy training exercises, as well as functional training and accessory movements. On top of having the functionality of a Power Rack for your barbell exercises, it has 2 x 72kg cable stacks which run on dual fully adjustable pulleys down each upright, opening a vast selection of exercises at your disposal. The cable system runs on a 1:1 ratio, meaning that you feel the full resistance of the weight you are pulling. In addition, there is a built in Smith machine, which features an Olympic barbell on a fixed track. 

A closer look at the Cable Machine 

Cable pulley machines are a popular piece of gym equipment that can be used to perform a wide range of resistance training exercises. Most gyms tend to only have a couple of cable crossover machines and there is usually a queue of people waiting to use it. They are popular for a reason, because of the plethora of exercises you can perform with them, from pulldowns, to extensions, curls and rows, the only real limitation is your imagination. So how does a cable pulley set up work? Well, there are two main distinct types of pulley systems, first is a plate loaded system, this is where a pulley is attached to a weight plate holder; and you manually must place the plates you want to use as weight resistance on the pulley system. Check out our Phase 2 range to see examples of this. 

Then there is the stack system which features a built-in weight stack and pin to lock in the selection of plates. This is the system featured in our new multi-functional Trainer, making it super easy to adjust your weights in seconds! It features two stacks of plates positioned at the rear of the rack (others may sit on each side of the rack – see our Phase 3 cable stack), with an insert rod, selector pin and sliders allowing you to lock in the number of plates you want to lift. From there you can adjust the level of the pulley handles on each upright by using the handy pop-pin and sliding them up and down to the height you require... and as simply as that you now have access to a whole new world of exercises.  

Benefits of using a cable machine include: 

Adjustability: Cable machines allow you to adjust the resistance and angle of the cable, allowing you to customize your workouts to your specific fitness goals and needs. 

Variety: Cable machines allow you to perform exercises using a variety of grip positions and angles, which can help to prevent boredom and add variety to your workouts. 

Constant tension: Cable machines provide constant tension on the muscles throughout the entire range of motion of an exercise, which can help to increase muscle activation and improve muscle strength and size. 

The two cable stacks on our multi-function trainer weigh up to 72kgs each, giving you a combined total of 144kgs.  

A closer look at the built in Smith Machine 

First, what is a Smith machine? Well, it is a weight training device that consists of a barbell that is mounted on fixed rails, allowing it to move only vertically. The main difference between using a free barbell and a Smith machine is the amount of stability and guidance provided during the exercise. The stability of the smith machine makes it great for isolating a muscle during an exercise, it is a useful tool for rehabilitation and learning movement patterns, and it gives you the peace of mind when lifting because of the safety catches. If at any point you are struggling to lift the weight, a simple roll of the wrist allows you to lock the bar in place. Our built-in smith machine features an Olympic barbell, grippy knurling, and a sleek finish, which makes it perfect addition to this multi functioning powerhouse. 

How can a smith machine benefit me?  

Safety: A Smith machine includes safety stops that can be set at various heights to catch the weight if you fail to complete a lift. This can help prevent injury and allow you to lift heavier weights with confidence. 

Isolation: A Smith machine allows you to focus on specific muscle groups by isolating the movement of the weight to a specific plane, which can be helpful for targeting specific muscle groups or for rehabilitating an injury. 

Consistency: A Smith machine allows you to maintain a consistent range of motion and form during exercises, which can be helpful for preventing injury and optimizing muscle activation. 

High weight capacity: The Smith Machine on our Multi-Function Trainer can support up to 350kg (Which is over 700lbs) 


Dip Bar Handles and Pull Up Station 

The Multi-Function Trainer comes with a set of dip handles, which fit into the uprights and can be adjusted to your preferred height and built-in pull up bar that goes across the top beam. This makes it perfect for any type of callisthenic training such as pull ups and dips. Dips are a great exercise for building strength in the chest, triceps, and shoulders and pull ups are a great exercise for building strength in the upper back, biceps, and forearms. You could also perform hangs which can help utilise the power of gravity to get a good stretch throughout your back, hips, and shoulders. 


We have made a lot of improvements to our  Multi-Function Trainer: 

  • Added a footpad to allow you to keep position when performing rowing exercises.  
  • Landmine attachment, we previously did not have this feature for our multi-function rack. but after some feedback we have decided to include this in our updated version. 
  • Claw barbell storage - we realised many people have a low roof so we added a claw barbell storage method meaning your bar can be secured safely and easily without any worries of hitting the roof when storing your 7ft Olympic barbell
  • Band peg holes and band pegs have been added to help add extra variable resistance to your training. 
  • We went for a new black and chrome colour scheme to ensure it matches almost any colour scheme.



The  Multi-Function Trainer comes with a whole host of accessories: 

Smith Machine 
2 x Adjustable Cable Pulleys 
2 x 70kg Weight Stacks (Total 140kg) 
Chin-Up Bar 
Adjustable Dip Bars 
2 x J-Hooks  
2 x Spotter Arms  
2 x Spring Collars 
6 x Weight Plate Storage Poles  
Flat Bar Attachment 
Lat Pulldown Bar 
Horizontal Bar Attachment 
2 x Single Handle Attachments 
Olympic Bar Landmine Row Attachment 
Resistance Band Hole & Peg  

(For the full specifications click here.) 

If you are looking for the perfect all in one solution, that can give you commercial gym level variety, in the comfort of your own home then look no further than our new and improved Multi-Function Trainer. 

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