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icon Mar 08, 2023 - Stephanie Underwood

Lifting Women - Celebrating International Women's Day

As we celebrate International Women's Day, it's important to recognize the incredible impact that women have had on the world of fitness. From trailblazers like Jane Fonda and Denise Austin who popularized at-home workouts in the 1980s, to modern-day fitness influencers like Kayla Itsines and Cassey Ho, women have long been at the forefront of promoting health and wellness. Today, we honour the strength, resilience, and determination of women everywhere who are committed to taking care of themselves both physically and mentally. In this article, we have reached out to friends of MuscleSquad to ask them about fitness and share their reasons for working out with you all. So let us celebrate all the amazing women out there who are crushing their fitness goals and paving the way for future generations!

What does health & fitness mean to you?

Zoe – Personal Trainer

Fitness has always been a part of my life since a young age. I grew up playing competitive netball for which my fitness had to always be high. I still play now so I haven’t known much different from when I started the sport. Fitness now has more importance, for reasons other than playing sport. I want to always feel fit and healthy and I think we should never take it for granted no matter how old we are. I want to be able to play netball and train in the gym for many years, so it’s important to start good habits now. I love being in the gym, the competitive environment with others and myself makes me push my strength and fitness goals everyday.

As a PT, it is also important for me to be and look healthy, practice what I preach and be a role model for my clients. I want my clients to better their lifestyles, improve their fitness and feel confident in the way they look and their abilities. I love training and supporting women who want to make a change and being a part of their journey is a privilege. Seeing them thrive and feel the best they've ever felt is amazing!

Women Barbell Squat Exercise

Chrissy - New Mummy

Fitness for me right now means keeping healthy. Getting back into exercise has given me a boost of energy which has contributed to my general wellbeing and has helped my body in its recovery after childbirth. It also helps create a healthy bond between the baby and I as there are a number of exercises that we can do together (she loves the dance ones). Plus, my husband has a fully kitted out home gym here so I don’t even need to leave the house!


Musclesquad Resistance Band

Charlotte – HR Manager

Fitness for me is not just about training the body, it’s more about training the mind! it’s the whole holistic aspect! I like to exercise for my mental health, wellbeing and physical health, and then the output of that is aesthetics. Which is an added bonus! Remember fitness can be anything from walking to a hardcore session in the gym. As long as we keep moving and feel good, then we are winning ladies! 

Why do you work out?

Cat - Bid Manager & Mum

I’ve always been into fitness but once my little girl arrived any spare time seemed to be taken up with something else. I got back into exercise routines at home and started to feel much more confident in myself again. I re-joined the gym and now go regularly 3 times a week and enjoy every session. My fitness is important to me, it makes me feel stronger both physically and mentally and much more confident in myself. As a full-time working mum, I slot my gym sessions in during the week when I can (days may vary depending on work and general life) but consistency is so important. Sometimes life feels so busy but there’s always the time to fit some sort of exercise into the day, even if it’s a short walk or a 15-minute routine at home. I love having a good level of fitness, not just for me but for my daughter too, it helps me keep up with her (most of the time!). Fitness - good for the mind, body and soul.


Yoga Mat 5kg Dumbell Set and Resistant Band

Audrey - Content Creator

I work out so I can feel good in my own skin and for longevity too!

Because I travel so much, I try and get in movement any way that I can. Whether that means an outdoor space, running, walking, swimming or biking. I always try to find a gym in the buildings I stay in, or at least try and find one nearby. It’s sometimes hard to stay consistent but I try and make sure I’m always moving my body.

How does having equipment at home help you?

Andrea - Clinical Lead & Busy Mum

“I'm juggling so much at the moment, but I think being able to workout at home means I can do it in comfort, so if I want to work out in my pyjamas I can! I only get small pockets of time in my hectic schedule, but it means I can still try and squeeze it in!”


Home Gym Setup Squat Stand Rack Weight Plates and Adjustable Bench

Bryony - Marketing Manager 

I’m a Marketing Manager for a tech start up, meaning my job can be pretty full on and it can be hard to schedule time in my day to go to the gym. 

I mainly work from home and my local gym is only 5 minutes’ drive, but it gets so busy that going in the evenings isn’t an option for me. I get gym anxiety when it’s busy. Working out for me is an opportunity to clear my head and focus on myself, but I can’t do that when there’s 50 other people around me. 

I already knew of MuscleSquad and how good their kit is, so making the decision to clear my garage out and fit out a gym was an easy one. Getting a home gym has enabled me to break up my day whenever I want to go and lift some weight, destress and work on my goals without worrying about gym anxiety or how long I can spare away from my desk.

I have all the flexibility in the world and the freedom to make my space the perfect hideaway for my needs.

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