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icon Jul 10, 2023 - Luke Whitburn

Staying Fit While on Holiday

Staying Fit While on Holiday

Going on holiday is one of the best ways to relax, unwind and create memories to last a lifetime. Alongside the fun comes indulgence whether it be trying various foods, treats or alcohol. What if we told you that you could enjoy your getaway and keep fit at the same time. In this blog we will cover different ways you can include exercise into your holiday, ensuring you keep progressing towards your goals, help you stay energized and feeling good so you can make the most out of your break!


One of the best ways to explore a foreign city is on foot, you get to take in all the environment, explore your surroundings and get your steps in at the same time! Taking public transport can also help with this too, as taking the train/bus can help you get more steps in walking through various stations as opposed to getting a taxi directly to your location, while simultaneously letting you see more of your travel destination.

Using a pedometer app on your phone or a smartwatch can be a great way to track your steps, on average it takes 90 minutes to walk 10,000 steps and this will burn approximately 400 calories. (This varies depending on height, weight etc.)




Water Sports and Activities

If your destination offers water sports, take this opportunity to try something new, activities like paddle boarding, kayaking, snorkelling, or even beach volleyball are not only great fun but also provide excellent workout opportunities, engaging various muscle groups and boosting your cardiovascular fitness. We believe that fitness should be fun, and holidays provide endless potential for enjoyable activities!

Resistance Bands Training

Resistance bands are a great way to bring fitness with you everywhere you go, they do not take up much room in your luggage, they could even fit in your pocket and If you have the space to workout in your room, take the time by performing a morning workout using resistance bands. This is a great opportunity to stretch and exercise before even having breakfast or after a day sightseeing. See our previous Resistance Bands workout page for a Full Body workout you can try in your hotel room. - 



Resistance Bands Training



Bodyweight Training

Even without any equipment you can still train on holiday. There are an abundance of bodyweight exercises you can perform, things like push ups, sit ups, squats, lunges and much more. Spending 10 minutes doing a bodyweight workout can result in many positive outcomes, improved mood, flexibility, and metabolic boost.

Hotel Gym Workouts 

Most hotels have some type of gym/fitness space where there will be a couple dumbbells, bench, and exercises machines, it may not be as good as your home gym but if you have down time, it may be worth paying it a visit for some holiday gains! If there is a swimming pools that is even better as swimming is a great form of cardiovascular training while being gentle on your joins and ligaments which is ideal if you are dealing with injuries etc.



Hotel Gym Workouts



Being in the fitness space we know there are people out there that are excited about their holidays but dread it at the same time due to the fear or undoing their hard work. Going on holiday does not have to derail your fitness progress. You can most certainly enjoy all your break has to offer while staying fit and we hope this article helped provide you some insight into how you can implement that. Let us know how you keep fit on holiday in the comments and for more tips subscribe to our newsletter.



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