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icon Feb 13, 2023 - JY Sharif

'We met at the bar..." - Find Out How This Couple Met At The Gym

In the spirit of Valentine's day, we went and spoke with friends of the Squad: Darren and Zoë, who are a couple that met at the gym. Read on to see the details of how they met and their experience as a couple who train together.

How did you meet?

Zoë: We met at the gym just over a year ago! Darren noticed me at the gym (that I work at) and sent me a message on my Instagram! He wasn’t a wimp, I was just always with clients!

Who approached who?

Zoë: There was one day that we both noticed each other when we were both training so Darren came over to speak to me. We’d already spoken a bit online over Instagram at this point but we say that Darren made the first move.

Favourite piece of equipment and favourite exercise?

Darren: My favourite exercise has to be dumbbell bench press. It’s the best for chest strength, stability and working both sides individually which can mean more balanced strength and size.

Zoë: My favourite training day is shoulders and my favourite shoulder exercise is probably dumbbell or cable lateral raises. I do love a back day too with my favourite exercise being a wide lat pulldown (with a muscle squad grip handle).

Do you train together? What do you do to keep each other motivated?

Zoë: Yes, we try to train together once or twice a week depending on our work schedules. I love training with Darren as he really pushes me and knows I can do more than I think! Also great to have a strong spotter and I can spot him too! Even on days where one of us isn't very motivated, we ensure we both get our training in! We’re also both super competitive so that always helps with the motivation!

What are both your individual reasons for why you train?

Darren: I have always trained to be strong for my job as well as stay healthy. The gym is also a great way to de-stress from work and a place where I can just focus on lifting.

Zoë: I began training to develop my strength for Netball and to reduce the risk of injury. I also train to feel and look stronger as well as, now I am addicted to the way training and lifting makes me feel!

Eat out or eat in?

Darren: We do love a date night meal out but I think eating in just about wins. That must mean I’m a good cook… We do love the comfort of home and a good, healthy, home cooked meal! Our favourite dish is sweet chilli salmon with crispy potatoes and asparagus.

Go to healthy place to eat out?

Zoë: We do love a protein filled brunch on the weekends and one of our favourite places is a cute little restaurant called Rise! Having eggs in the morning sets us up for the day along with a coffee of course!

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