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Cast Iron Weight Plates

Add some truth to the phrase ‘pump some iron’ with our cast iron weight plates, available in 1-inch or 2-inch hole sizes. These weights are incredibly sturdy and virtually indestructible. Pick up a pair today and enjoy the satisfying ‘clang of the plates rattling together in your next workout.


What you should know about cast iron weight plates

If you want to experience powerlifting in its most raw state, then you owe it to yourself to train with a set of cast iron weight plates at least once in your life. They played a crucial role in developing bodybuilding and powerlifting into the sports they are today and, while aesthetically dated, these plates still hold a certain appeal to many lifters.

Cast iron weight plates don’t come with a rubber coating, so you have to be careful about dropping these on any flooring besides dedicated gym tiles. They’re heavy, bulky and traditional — which makes them the perfect training companion for some people.

Take a look through the metal weights we stock and see if we have what you’re after. For any questions about cast iron weight plates, check if we’ve answered them below in our FAQs or reach out to our team who’d be happy to help.



Why use cast iron plates over rubber plates?

The type of weight plates you use is largely about preference. One person might opt for tri-grip plates as they’re easier to carry while another might prefer the feel of metal weight plates. That said, there are some benefits to cast iron plates that are worth noting.

The primary one is that you’re much more likely to find both 1-inch and 2-inch hole sizes in cast iron plates. This is great if you have a set of spinlock dumbbells, where you load each plate individually onto the bar, as these usually take 1-inch weight plates, but be sure to check that this is the case for your bar.

2-inch hole sizing is standard for Olympic plates — think the ones you load onto a standard barbell. You can also find cast iron plates in this specification.


Why are cast iron weight plates still popular?

Cast iron plates were very much the norm in the 20th century, and although the trend has shifted towards rubber-coated options nowadays there’s still a place for metal weight plates.

The key selling point is the nostalgia factor. When you picture a West Coast gym or Arnold himself lifting heavy, then no doubt the image in your mind includes some iron weight plates. For some people, creating that same aesthetic in their gym is non-negotiable.

Iron weight plates also have a satisfying rattle to them. Whether it’s the clash you hear when loading the plates onto a bar or re-racking it after a heavy lift, there’s something undeniably satisfying to the presence they bring to a gym.


What’s the tolerance on your weight plates?

All of the weights we sell, from dumbbells to weight plates, have a maximum tolerance of +/-3%. This means that, if you purchase a 20kg weight plate, we guarantee that it will weigh within 3% of 20kg.


Do you sell 1-inch metal weight plates?

We do! Stock up on all the 1-inch plates you need for spinlock barbells and dumbbells here.


Do you sell 2-inch metal weight plates?

Absolutely. Bring some iron to your compound lifts with our 2-inch cast iron weight plates.


Can I drop cast iron weight plates?

You can, but we don’t recommend it to the same level as we do with rubber-coated plates. While our iron plates are incredibly durable, excessive dropping can chip away at the metal. 

You also need to consider your flooring. Given the hardness of the surface, you should only drop cast iron plates onto appropriate gym flooring if you do choose to drop them.


How do I maintain metal plates over time?

Store your plates inside in a temperature-controlled environment. In cases where your plates start rusting, wipe some WD-40 oil over them with a dry cloth to restore them to their former glory. 


Can I train with metal plates outside?

We don’t recommend it. If your plates pick up moisture then they can start to rust, ruining the aesthetic and compromising how sturdy they are.


Are cast iron weight plates suitable for home gyms?

Yes, they are. In fact, many lifters will intentionally build a home gym that utilises cast iron weight plates to capture the essence of bodybuilding in its rawest form.


Do you offer free delivery?

Yes, all orders over £50 qualify for free shipping. Please note that orders to Northern Ireland and certain areas of Scotland may incur additional delivery charges.


How long after ordering until I receive my equipment?

If you place your order before 12pm, your weight plates will arrive on the next working day. The only exceptions to this are a) if you order a number of plates that need to be sent on a pallet or b) if your delivery address is in Northern Ireland or the Scottish Highlands.


What’s the warranty on your weight plates?

All of our products come with one year of warranty.


Can I return or exchange my plates if they’re not suitable?

Yes, as long as the plates are unused, in their original packaging and returned within 30 days.