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Ez Curl Bar Weight

A specialist piece of equipment and a notorious bicep blaster, the EZ curl bar is a modified version of a straight barbell. Its unique shape provides a more comfortable grip when performing certain exercises which has made it a well-loved accessory. Shop our Olympic-grade EZ curl bar below or see if our unique Super Curl Bar fills a gap in your workout needs.




What are the benefits of an EZ curl bar?

Simply put, an EZ curl bar encourages a more natural grip when performing bicep curls than a regular barbell. It’s favoured by most people for skullcrushers, too. Using a straight bar is painful on the wrists. Using dumbbells is effective, but what if you want to train your biceps bilaterally (which is when both arms are working the same weight)? Enter the EZ curl bar. Our Olympic-grade bar is 10kg, can bear up to 150kg of weight and is perfectly shaped for your next training session.


What exercises can I do with an EZ curl bar?

While bicep curls are the go-to movement when it comes to an EZ curl bar, they’re by no means where this piece of equipment ends. Lie on a flat or slightly-inclined bench to utilise the bar’s unique grip when performing skullcrushers, or stand upright to use it in tricep extensions. You can even get adventurous and tag the bar in for shoulder press, narrow-grip bench press and bent-over rows.


What’s the purpose of your Super Curl Bar?

We’re glad you asked! The Super Curl Bar is our take on the EZ curl bar in an effort to innovate an already-special product. The Super Curl Bar targets your biceps in particular. On top of the regular EZ curl bar grip that you’ll be used to, our iteration makes it possible to train hammer curls, too. So if you’ve found yourself training biceps and wishing that there was an EZ curl bar for your hammer curls, then this product could be a real game-changer.