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Folding Squat Racks

Invest in a folding squat rack to access massive lifts in your home gym without sacrificing floor space. Our range of folding squat & power racks have a max weight load of 286kg and are suitable for bench press, squats, deadlifts and other barbell exercises.

What you should know about folding squat racks

Folding squat racks are a game-changer for anyone who’s lacking in space but still wants to get a solid workout in at home. Our most space-efficient offering, the Phase 2 Wall-Mounted Rack, folds away to a depth of just 30cm from your wall, leaving the rest of your gym area to be used as you wish.

While we’ve emphasised a small footprint in these racks, we’ve not compromised on quality. The sturdy frames are built from 60 x 60 x 2mm powder-coated steel to enable that massive load rating of 286kg, so you won’t be left wanting for extra weight.

Our folding squat racks work by the uprights folding down to run across the centre of the rack, freeing up significant space at the front. When it’s time to train, all you need to do is unlatch the uprights, connect them to the pull-up bar and you’re ready to go.

If there’s anything you’re curious about, we’ve answered a set of frequently asked questions below. If anything’s missing, simply reach out to our team who’ll be happy to help over the phone or on live chat.



What is a folding squat rack?

A folding squat rack is a fully-functioning squat rack with the ability to fold away into a smaller footprint. This makes it ideal for a home gym setting where every inch of floor space counts.


What’s the difference between a folding squat rack and a traditional squat rack?

Apart from the fold-away feature, there’s not much that separates the two types of racks. Most folding squat racks still have a sturdy build and a high weight load (though do check between different suppliers). It’s unlikely that you’ll find a commercial-grade squat rack that can fold away, but if you’re looking for a solid intermediate solution then a folding rack will do the trick perfectly.


What are the benefits of a folding squat rack?

A folding squat rack maximises your space since it can be tucked away to decrease its depth when not in use. This opens up your workout area for bodyweight movements, bench exercises or anything else you fancy.


Is a folding squat rack safe to use?

Yes, folding squat racks are safe to use. Be mindful of the rack’s max weight load and never exceed this, but aside from that there aren’t any safety concerns to consider besides sensible training and being smart with the weight you lift.


Can a folding squat rack be used for pull-ups?

Absolutely! All of our folding racks come with a pull-up bar. Just remember to consider how much ceiling height you need when combining the rack’s height along with your body protruding above it at the peak of a pull-up.


Are folding squat racks suitable for beginners?

We encourage everyone with the space and budget to prioritise their fitness, which is why we’ve ensured that all of our racks are suitable for beginners and experienced lifters alike. If you’re starting your fitness journey with us, then a folding squat rack will give you access to the big three lifts: squats, deadlifts and bench press which are the pillars for building strength in the body.


Can I attach accessories to a folding squat rack?

You can indeed; accessories help you get the most out of your purchase. All of our folding racks are compatible with the Phase 2 range of attachments available on our website which includes jammer arms, dip attachments and a landmine attachment.


Can a folding squat rack be used for bench press?

All of our folding squat racks are equipped with J-Hooks which enable you to perform bench press.


Can a folding squat rack be used for deadlifts?

All of our folding racks come with Safety Arms which allow you to rack your deadlifts and change your plates efficiently and safely.


How do I install a folding squat rack?

All of our folding racks come with a hardware pack. This includes the tools you need to build the rack and easy-to-follow instructions to help you along.


How much space does a folding squat rack take up?

Our most efficient folding rack can fold down to a depth of just 30cm from the wall, though of course this figure changes between different products and retailers.