Nic: Freelance Copywriter & Fitness Fanatic

Nic: Freelance Copywriter & Fitness Fanatic

Nic is a copywriter and fitness fanatic with an amazingly varied backstory! She’s swum the English Channel (twice), won world titles in drug-free bodybuilding and done tons of stuff in between, including half-Ironman triathlons and powerlifting competitions.

“I’m really lucky to make a living writing about fitness because it combines my two passions in life,” says Nic. “My writing and fitness journeys both started when I was about 7 years old, with daily journal entries and local swim team meets. Since then, I’ve turned my love for writing into a freelance career, and I’ve tried my hand at a big range of strength and endurance sports.”
Having tried almost all of the strength sports (strongman, powerlifting, bodybuilding, and Olympic lifting), Nic now trains at a Crossfit gym, where she is enjoying getting to grips with new challenges like gymnastics.

What is your favourite lift?

This is easy – I love deadlifting. I’m pretty strong across all the major lifts, but even so, my deadlift is a freakish outlier at 160kg. There’s something very simple but powerful about just ripping the bar off the floor and standing up with it!

Who is your fitness idol?

My long career as a fitness copywriter has put me in contact with a wide range of athletes, coaches, and fitness entrepreneurs. They’re all inspiring, but so are the people I train with every day. That’s the great thing about fitness, it brings out the best in people and really shows their strengths.

If you could only use one piece of gym equipment for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Tricky question! I do love a barbell, but if this is a “desert island” situation, then I’d ask for a single dumbbell. There’s so much you can do with it (and I know this for a fact because it’s all I had access to during lockdown!)
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