Rachel: Personal Trainer and Online Coach

Rachel: Personal Trainer and Online Coach

My Background

Before I was a Personal Trainer I was a Ski and Snowboarding coach for 10 years, so I've had a vast amount of experience working with loads of different people from children upwards. I loved that job, I did it both abroad and in the UK and it's what lead to me becoming a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist.

Now I run my own coaching company called RBPT, where I work on making exercise available and comfortable for people of all different abilities. 

My Favourite Piece of Kit

My ultimate favourite piece of equipment has to be a barbell. You can push, pull, squat, deadlift - you're never missing out on a movement pattern with the barbell.

My second favourite would have to be resistance bands. MuscleSquad stock some great resistance bands that got me through the last lockdowns. You can cover a huge variety of movement patterns with them, they're so versatile and easy to pack down and take on holiday. 

My Favourite Exercise

There are definitely quite a few exercises that I dislike (squats being one of them), but my favourite exercise is a tough one. 

My favourite exercise would probably have to be a deadlift. My deadlifts are progressing really well at the moment and there's something that I've always found quite natural to complete, I just love how powerful they make me feel.