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icon Jul 09, 2022 - Chris Billingham

How to Get the Most from Limited Gym Equipment

You may be just starting your home gym journey, or maybe you're on a limited budget, and your garage gym is sparser than you might want it to be. Whatever your predicament may be, there are plenty of ways to get a great workout routine, even with limited exercise equipment.

Below is a video with 2 of our trainers Kyle and Lauren both showing just how versatile limited equipment can be and will show you 30 exercises that you may not have know. Watch the video to see how they pull together 6 routines including Lower Body HIIT, Upper Body Strength and Core along with a few more using some of the equipment from one of our home gym starter sets

If you're a person who's aiming to get fit through a workout at home or looking to supplement your gym workouts with some additional home gym workouts, we have the top tips for you to benefit the most out of limited exercise equipment:

Fully Body Workouts with Limited Equipment

Even with limited space, it's still possible to build muscle and complete a full-body workout in your home gym with the aid of some essential and cheap gym equipment. Your key focus when dealing with a garage gym or a home gym should be what areas of the body you are aiming to target.

This way, you will know how to adapt your equipment and make a workout specific to you. Here's a quick breakdown of the best cheap gear that can be used to target plenty of areas.

What is the Most Important Piece of Equipment to Build Muscle?

If you're looking to get started with your home gym workout plan with limited equipment, it's best to consider setting a budget and looking for items that can target plenty of muscle groups.

We recommend getting started with kettlebells and dumbbells since they are diverse and can target plenty of muscle groups you would want to work out at a given time. MuscleSquad also offers plenty of content on how to use kettlebells and dumbbells within your home workout routine, allowing you to build muscle with ease, no matter your budget! We have created bundles which are perfect for this, our Squad Starter Sets include options of kettlebells, slamballs and dumbbells to suit your needs

How to Build Muscle with Limited Equipment

You may be contemplating how you can make the most out of your limited equipment, such as kettlebells and dumbbells, to make your home gym workout routine as effective as possible.

The secret is all in the way you approach your workout. The first way to make your limited equipment is by increasing your regular reps to give you and your muscles enough challenge and resistance to equate to a gym workout.

You may also want to do the exercises at a slower pace in comparison to how you may do them at a regular gym so that you can get as much resistance and tension as possible from the muscle groups you are working on.

How to Build a Home Fitness Routine with Limited Space

If you invest in exercise equipment that will target the right muscle groups for your workout at home, you can create the perfect routine, even in a limited space such as a home gym and garage.

In addition, if you use your exercise equipment effectively by increasing your reps and slowing down your exercises, you can have a workout routine that is just as efficient as going to the gym with much less space and a much tighter budget!

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