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Dedicated Space

At MuscleSquad, we believe in beautiful home gyms. Whether it's a mat at the end of your bed or a fully kitted out converted garage - where you work out should fit your space as well as your needs. Here we've collected the home gym equipment best suited for a dedicated workout space:



What makes MuscleSquad home gym equipment so good?

Here at MuscleSquad, we're dedicated to sourcing and producing the best in durable, versatile and cost-effective home gym equipment. We rigorously test all of our equipment to make sure we're providing top-quality kit, and we even use it ourselves in our office gym. MuscleSquad is made by, for, and with fitness enthusiasts, so you can be sure that we know our stuff and only stock equipment that meets our high standards.


How much should I spend on my home gym?

Creating a dedicated home gym space takes investment, but to avoid unnecessary spending on frills you don't need, always think "practicality first". Perhaps you're converting a garage or a room in your house, it's usually a good idea to pad the floor to protect it from weights and offer some sound buffering. Next, think about your largest item, usually a rack. You may decide to get a multi-function rack package (this includes an adjustable bench and weight plates), and that could be your gym finished, depending on your goals. Depending on how much flooring you need and which rack or rack package is best for you, this setup would total between £800 and £3,500. If you don't want to stop there, you could further invest in a set of dumbbells or a treadmill, whichever suits your needs best. The possibilities are endless.


Benefits of having a home gym

Having a gym at home is all about eliminating barriers and opening opportunities. Work from home? You can work out on your lunch break without spending time going to and from the gym. Financial barriers? A home gym can be built up slowly. You could start with a small space and see how it works for you, then expand. It's not all-or-nothing. Pandemic? Availability? Bad weather? Gym-phobia? Problems of the past. In short, having a gym at home breaks through a lot of barriers to exercise and gives you a dedicated zen space to just focus on yourself: no wiping away someone else's sweat, no waiting for equipment to free up, it's just you and your goals.