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Rack Accessories

A rack is the ultimate base for any home gym and thanks to our range of accessories, you can continue to evolve your rack to suit your training needs and mix things up.




What rack accessories should I buy?

It’s important to make sure the accessory you buy is built to fit your rack. If you have a Phase 2 rack, make sure you buy a phase 2 accessory, simple.

In terms of the type of accessory, we have many available to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking for a strong pair of spotter arms to support heavy lifts, or you want a tool to give you a completely new take on some of your favourite exercises, it’s down to you.


What exercises can you do with rack accessories?

Racks are already hugely multi-functional and suit a wide range of movements, so adding an accessory takes an already versatile piece of kit and explodes the possibilities.

Jammer arms allow you to push, pull, lat raise and even use them as a leg extension! A dip station is pretty self explanatory, and a pair of spotter arms give you added support on super heavy lifts.

Each of our rack accessories carries with it a wide range of possibilities - check out the videos on each product for examples of what you can do, or see what we’re using them for on our socials.


Are rack accessories a good investment?

If you’re a serious lifter, rack accessories are a super exciting and worthwhile investment, without a doubt.

They’re seriously heavy duty and versatile, so you really can’t go wrong.