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Home Gym Equipment

Design the ultimate home gym with our broad selection of fitness equipment. With options for fitness beginners right up to seasoned lifters, you'll be able to find all of the kit you need with us. Enjoy free, fast delivery over £50 from one of the UK's leading fitness equipment suppliers.


What you should know about home gym equipment

Investing in a home gym setup has a motherload of benefits. Sure, you no longer need that monthly gym membership, but also consider the commuting costs, the time you spend going to and from the gym and those workouts you skip when you’re on a tight schedule.

Whether you’re rocking a full garage conversion or are loading fitness equipment into the corner of a room, each home gym is as valid as the next in our eyes. Either way, you’re putting your health and fitness first.

We have a vast range of home gym equipment that’s categorised into four phases. Phase 1 is our entry-level range, intended to be your first fitness purchase. Phase 2 is designed to be feature-rich and budget-friendly. Things start getting serious in Phase 3 which is our modular line and perfect for large home gyms or PT studios. Finally, the Phase 4 range is commercially-graded and trusted by professional sports teams, athletes and elite home gym owners to provide the very best workouts possible.

Have a browse through our products and see what looks right for you. If you’re wondering where to start, a pair of dumbbells, a weight bench and a kettlebell will open the door to full body workouts from home. You could even buy a pair of adjustable dumbbells to maximise the number of weights available to you without breaking the bank.

If you have any questions, skim through the FAQs below or reach out to our team who’d be happy to help.



Home gyms vs traditional gyms?

Home gyms excel in convenience, privacy and flexibility with 24/7 access in the comfort of your own home. Traditional gyms do have a wider range of equipment and the option to meet fellow lifters, but it’s a larger time sink and does eat into your wallet the longer you’re a member.


What is home gym equipment?

Home gym equipment is designed to build strength, conditioning and cardio in your own home while taking up as little space as possible. In our eyes, a setup with as little as a few dumbbells qualifies as a home gym, as does a larger space with an entire rack system.

Ultimately, home gym equipment exists to keep you healthy and strong. 


What are the benefits of a home gym?

  • Cost-efficient. A home gym eliminates your monthly gym membership fee and the cost of travelling there and back. It does cost more upfront, but you’ll be rewarded in the long run.
  • Convenience. Train at any time and in any weather. Your home gym will always be right there and ready to use, even during your lunch break.
  • Time. Skip commuting to and from the gym and free up your evenings, giving you more time to focus on what matters to you.


What should I buy for my home gym?

Free weights such as dumbbells and kettlebells are important for a home gym. If that’s all you have space for, then invest in a set and you’ll see the benefits over time.

Alternatively, you might have a large gym area that you’re looking to fill. In that case, we’d recommend a multi-functional squat rack to combine several key machines in one purchase.

And that really is the beauty of home gyms: they can be as substantial or slight as you need. It’s your space; make it your own!


Is a home gym suitable for beginners?

Yes, a home gym is great for beginners who are looking to build their confidence before heading into a busy, commercial gym. Start off with a few dumbbells or even a light adjustable dumbbell to find your feet.

When you’re feeling more confident about strength-training, you can either continue building your home gym or sign up to a gym in your local area. If you need advice on where to start, our team would be happy to assist.


How much space do I need for a home gym?

As much or as little as you’d like! You can create a home gym in a small area with adjustable dumbbells or folding squat racks.

In larger spaces, the sky really is your limit. Our flagship Phase 4 rack is a popular option for those looking to invest in an elite solution, while our benches, barbells and weight plates give you everything you need to smash your compound lifts.


How do I maintain a home gym?

You should clean your equipment regularly, especially your squat racks and treadmills. We also recommend that you check out our blog post to see the necessary steps to take when looking after your own gym.


Can I customise my home gym equipment setup?

Yes, one of the greatest parts of designing a home gym is that you decide what goes in it. Whether it’s a full gym with squat racks, treadmills and dumbbell sets, or simply a few resistance bands and kettlebells in your bedroom, your gym can look however you want it to.


How do I create a home gym on a budget?

It’s absolutely possible to build a functional home gym on a budget. Your friends in this area are low-cost pieces of equipment like adjustable dumbbells, all-in-one racks and clearance items.


Can I use my home gym for cardio?

Of course you can! We stock cardio equipment so that you can get a sweat on at home including treadmills, slam balls and kettlebells.


How do I stay motivated to use my home gym regularly?

Set specific goals, create a workout schedule, vary your exercises and find workout buddies—whether in-person or over fitness training apps—to keep you motivated. All of these will contribute to your home gym being a success.


Can you help me create a custom home gym?

Yes, our team would love to help bring your vision to life! Send us an email with your gym preferences and we’ll get right to work.

If you’re looking to order a whole gym set up, we can build this out for you in a 3D render. Again, all you need to do to get started is drop us an email and let us do the heavy lifting.