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X3 Power Rack

Please find our new Phase 3 modular rack here.

The X3 Power Rack is made of powder-coated, heavy-duty 75x75x3mm steel tubing that can support up to 360kg of weight. Perfect for all abilities, from advanced to trainees, the X3’s in-built safety bars and spotter arms mean you can work out safely at home.

Suitable for a range of barbell and plate exercises including bench press, squats, shoulder press, and more, the X3 power rack is the perfect addition to any lifter’s home gym.

Includes: 2 x J Hooks rated to 360kg, 2 x Spotter Arms rated to 360kg, 2 x Squat Safety Bars & Sleeve rated to 360kg, Multi-Position Pull Up Bar

Dimensions: Assembled (mm) - (H) 2152 x (W) 1513 x (D) 1467, Steel Frame (mm) - 75 x 75 x 3,

Please Note: It is advised to bolt to the rack to the floor for added stability (bolts not included).


The rack comes packed with kit for you to effectively workout your entire body. Multi-position pull-up bar with separated wide, neutral, and narrow grips allows for more specific targeting of muscles. Safety bars allow for safe squatting and pressing inside the rack. Spotter arms allow for hazard-free bench pressing outside of the rack. J hook barbell rests for storing your barbell.

Safety Bars

The power rack's safety bars provide safety & support while you work out.


The rack comes with spotter arms can be placed at a variety of 3-hole intervals to allow for a range of exercises.

Delivery Information

Delivery will be via Pall-ex who operate on a 09:00-17:00 timeslot – the driver will call you 30 minutes prior to delivery. It is a kurb-side delivery (the boxes are likely to be heavy so we would advise having someone there to help you unload). The goods arrive on a wooden pallet – the pallet stays with you. 

For full details please check our delivery information page.

If you have any questions or queries regarding delivery, feel free to contact us by email or chat. We’re always here to help.