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icon Aug 19, 2022 - Chris Billingham

5 Things You Can Do With A Dip Station

Bull horn dip attachments are often associated with the conventional triceps dip. A large reason for this is because bull horn attachments are most commonly referred to as dip bars, but they don’t have to be limited to this image!

There are a number of exercise variations that you can get out of bull horn dip attachments which are completely neglected because of this misconception. People who cannot perform unassisted dips tend to avoid the bull horns altogether and miss out on the many different exercises they can perform on them.

We’re here to dispel this illusion! In this blog, we'll cover some exercises you can perform on dip bars that will hopefully unlock a whole new world of gains for you:

Deficit Push-Ups

Deficit push-ups are a great exercise for the movement of your upper body. You can perform these push-ups by getting a good stretch and squeeze on your chest and a full contraction on your triceps. You shouldn’t have to overload your upper body with your full body weight since part of your weight will have support from the floor.

  • -The set-up is essentially the same as a push-up, but more upright with your hands resting on the bars
  • -Ensure you set up for exercise correctly by having your wrist, elbows and shoulders all stacked in line so they are supporting each other. Make sure also to check you are in a stable and strong position.
  • Once you’re positioned correctly, let your body come down in a slow controlled motion until your arms are just below 90 degrees at the elbow. This will give you a good stretch and contraction on your chest. Once you feel the contraction, press back up to the starting position
  • -Keep your hips and legs in line, and make sure your glutes and your core are tight and engaged throughout the movement


Recommend – 3 Set of 12 repetitions (or until failure)

Modified Dips

Modified Dips are great for concentration on the triceps and front delt. They also remove a lot of the support the chest would provide in regular dips. This makes modified dips an excellent progression for anyone who cannot perform a conventional dip since most of the weight of your legs is supported by the ground. You can also easily increase the intensity of the movement by adding plates/dumbbells to your lap for additional resistance.

  • Start with your heels resting on the ground and your hands resting on the bars. Ensure your wrist, elbow and shoulders are all in line for maximum support.
  • Lower your body to the ground in a controlled fashion by bending at the elbows. Once your elbow reaches a 90-degree angle, push with your arms to bring yourself back to the upright position.

Recommend – 3 Set of 12 repetitions (or until failure)

 Hanging knee raise

Hanging knee raises are a wildly underrated and under-utilised core exercise. This movement really targets those six-pack muscles with a bit of additional focus on the lower portion of the abs since you are moving your legs towards your body. If your goal is to progress towards straight leg raises and other calisthenic movements, then hanging knee raises are the perfect starting point!

  • Start with the body hanging upright so that it’s resting on your arms (the same as the other movements!) Then, ensure your wrist, elbows and shoulders are all aligned and supporting each other.
  • Pull your knees up towards your chest in a controlled manner making sure to squeeze your abs as they come up. Hold yourself in that contracted position for a second, then slowly lower your legs back to the starting position.

Recommend – 3 Set of 12 repetitions (or until failure)

Modified pull-up

The modified pull-up is another fantastic progression movement for those who are yet to be able to perform bodyweight pull-ups since it will develop your arms, shoulders and back.

  • Adjust the bull horns to the right height to allow your arms to hang straight with your toes on the ground providing support for your body weight. Your knees should be bent at 90 degrees and raised slightly off the ground.
  • Pull with arms until your elbows reach inline or just past your shoulders, and ensure that you squeeze your back and shoulders at the top of the movement, then slowly lower yourself back to the starting position 

Recommend – 3 Set of 12 repetitions (or until failure)

The Triceps Dip

Now we’ve dispelled the illusion that bull horns are only good for triceps dips, why not take a look at the exercise that caused so much misinformation? The triceps dip is the quintessential movement of the bull horns, after all!

  • Start with your body hanging upright, resting on your arms (the same as the other movements!) Ensure your wrist, elbow and shoulders are all aligned and supporting each other. Make sure your scapular is retracted (your shoulder blades are pulled back being squeezed against each other.)
  • Lower your body by making your elbows bend until your arm is parallel with the bars, then press back to the starting position. Make sure the movement is done in a controlled fashion, as jerking and not evenly pressing your weight up may cause injury.

Recommend – 3 Set of 12 repetitions (or until failure)

We hope these exercises help you get more use out of your bull horn attachments. Don’t be afraid to deviate outside the norm and pave your own path, whether by building your own gym at home or following your workout plan!

We are going to be offering form checks for anyone looking to improve their workout techniques! If you would like to have your form checked and rated, tag us in a video of you using our bull horn attachment, and we will have one of our qualified personal trainers check your form and give you a shoutout on our Instagram page. @musclesquaduk

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