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The Importance Of Gym Flooring

Flooring is always essential to building your gym, whether in a spare room, a garage, or even a designated gym building. There are plenty of factors you want to consider when thinking about which flooring is best suited for your gym, such as how safe the flooring is and how well you will protect the equipment if it drops onto it.

On top of all of that, you'll also want flooring that looks pleasing to the eye so that you can work out in a space that you feel happy and comfortable in.

Here's a rundown of everything you should be aware of for the perfect flooring for your gym:

Safety First

The first fundamental aspect you should consider when it comes to gym flooring is safety. While it may seem like a menial decision, your choice of flooring can significantly affect your gym's safety. For example, if you have a concrete floor in your garage gym, you might end up with plenty of dust collection, which you will inevitably breathe in when you train.

In addition, that same dusty concrete floor will also have to be used for push-ups, sit-ups, and other floor work, which is a recipe for uncomfortableness and injuries.

To ensure you have floors that are safe, you should consider floor tiling for your gym as opposed to hard concrete floors. Cushioned floor tiles will be sure to provide your feet and ankles with the support they need for squatting, as well as give proper comfort for floor work. They will even work to eliminate rising dust in areas such as a garage gym!


The way your gym looks and feels will play a huge role in the mindset you have when you come to train. That's why when you're designing your own gym, you should pay close attention to how you want your gym to feel. Of course, the flooring will play an essential part in that.

For instance, if you’re the sort of person who loves to channel fury and tough love into your workouts, you might benefit from the matador and bull technique of red flooring to get you in the mood. Alternatively, if you're hoping for a more tranquil or reserved space to work out, you may consider a neutral tone, such as a muted blue or grey floor. Flooring can be an essential aspect of the 'vibe’ of your gym.

Equipment Protection

One other major factor you’ll need to consider when picking your gym flooring is how well your equipment will fare with the flooring. For example, consider a bar workout in which you're dropping 100kg weight onto the floor multiple times. If one thing is for certain, you don't want to have your bar dropping on a hard concrete floor where it's ripe for being damaged.

It's important to consider that your gym flooring should be suited to dropping heavy equipment without damaging the floor or the items. Your kit will last much longer under a 20mm cushioned surface where things like power racks, weight plates, and dumbbells can have a graceful fall to the ground.

Which Flooring Should I Buy?

After considering all the factors that make great gym flooring, we're confident that our two types of gym flooring will provide you with everything you need. We have 'Easy clean 1m x 1m x 20mm Rubber Floor Tiles', as well as 'Black rubber 1m x 1m x 20mm floor tiles' available for purchase.

Easy Clean Tiles (Left) - Black Rubber Tiles (Right)

If your gym is in a place like a garage where it will be prone to dust and dirt, we would recommend purchasing easy clean tiles since they will be easy to maintain and can withstand dustier environments. On the flipside, if you're in a relatively dirt-free area such as the house, the grippy black surface of black rubber floor tiles will work perfectly.

How do I Maintain My Gym Flooring?

Picking the perfect flooring for your gym is really only half the battle. The other half comes from maintaining that flooring so that your gym can continue to have optimum safety, aesthetics, and equipment protection.

You should regularly clean your gym flooring so that it stays in tip-top condition. However, gym flooring may have a different cleaning procedure than what you are used to. To clean your gym flooring, you should first use a soft nylon brush or high-power vacuum cleaner to remove dust or debris.

Then, you should use a non-invasive cleaning agent applied on ultra-fine fibre scrubbers or mats to scrub the floor. Rinse the floor with clean water, then use a wet vacuum to absorb any water, and let the floor dry for 6-8 hours. Ensure the floor is completely dry before your next workout, and avoid soaking any water on the floor as this may damage the flooring.



Muscle Squad Studio with Easy Clean Rubber Floor Tiles



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