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icon Aug 09, 2022 - Chris Billingham

What Squat Rack Should I Buy?

If you’re looking to have the perfect home gym, then a squat rack is essential. However, there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to deciding which squat rack you actually want to purchase!  

There's the folding squat rack, which is designed to help you better utilise valuable floor space; the fixed squat rack, which is perfect for anyone looking for a pick-up-and-go solution; or the squat rack with cables which allows you a wider versatility of workout plans.  

Deciding what squat rack is best for you is going to depend on your workout needs, as well as your space limitations. We've compiled a list of squat racks that offer their main selling points so that you can decide on the perfect squat rack for your home/garage gym.   

What Are the Benefits of a Folding Squat Rack 

The folding squat rack is intended to help you use your floor space more efficiently and effectively. Since it can fold down into a compact form factor, you can use it to free up floor space to perform deadlifts or set up a bench press. In addition, if you are particularly constrained when it comes to room, a folding squat rack will allow you to complete the workouts you require without having to worry about tripping over your other equipment or knocking into your rack. A foldable squat rack even has a more stable platform than its quarter rack and squat stand counterparts!  

We recommend the folding squat rack for anyone who's looking to work out in a single garage space because it can be easy to fit anywhere with its compact design. We offer a wall-mounted folding squat rack, as well as a folding squat rack with cables so that you can choose the perfect rack for you depending on your workout needs. Both of our foldable squat rack designs allow you to lift inside the rack for added safety and security with spotter arms and safeties. The foldable squat rack is perfect for someone looking for a more space saving squat rack solution, that still has full functionality.  

Folded Phase 2 freestanding power rack

What are the Benefits of a Fixed Squat Rack 

Freestanding squat racks are perfect for anyone dealing with enough space in their home/garage gym to comfortably fit them and provide a simpler experience than a foldable rack. Since they are ready to go with no need to fold away, they have much fewer moving parts than their folding counterparts. With a fixed squat rack, you also have the option of using add-on parts and attachments, as well as the ability to expand your rack with different accessories and components. 

Our Phase 3 range of fixed squat racks is modular, allowing you to grow and expand your squat rack with a host of storage attachments for dumbbells and weight plates. You can also add plenty of workout attachments such as dip stations, pull-up bars and land mine  attachments. In addition, since you can move this squat rack around, you can expand and move it within your own time.  

We recommend the fixed squat rack for anyone who has a larger space to work with since it will provide added benefit for users of the rack in the long run compared to the folding squat rack. Since you can expand them, you can be assured that you'll get more longevity and use out of this squat rack, but it will come at the cost of space in your gym.  

Phase 3 Modular squat rack with side storage

Squat Racks with Cables?  

If you're searching for a method to add some more functionality to your fixed or foldable squat rack, cables are a great way to do it. They offer the opportunity for a host of accessory work with your compound lifts, such as triceps push downs, lateral raises and various rows. With the addition of cables to your squat rack, you’re able to build a full workout plan.  

Our Phase 2 cables are set up on a 1:1 ratio. They’re plate loaded meaning they come with trolleys to stack weight plates on, which give you an excellent range when it comes to adjusting the weight you're lifting. For anyone looking for “selectorised” weight stacks, there are two options available: the functional trainer and the Phase 3 modular squat rack range with cables.  

The Phase 3 modular squat racks have a 2:1 ratio, which means that the weight is halved, but the movement is smoother. For instance, a 5kg weight plate will only weigh 2.5kg at the pulley, making jumps smaller for exercises like curls and extensions. Furthermore, from this mechanism, you can get more functionality out of your cables since they can reach for activities such as chest flys and rear delt flys – perfect for those looking for the premium gym experience at home!  

Our Phase 3 functional trainer is set up on a 1:1 ratio and comes with 2 x 70kg weight stacks, making it a great option for those looking for a heavy weight for Lat pull downs and rows using the accessories provided.  

Cable stack attachment for  our Phase 3 Squat Rack System

Pros + Cons Summary  

  • Folding squat racks are perfect for smaller spaces since they can occupy just half a single garage, but this will come at the cost of some functionality. For bigger areas, a fixed squat rack is the better option to go for.  
  • While a set-up without cables will give you plenty of versatility, cables are the way forward for anyone looking to do accessory exercises such as tricep push downs, bicep curls, and lat pull downs. 
  • Anyone looking to expand their set-up in the future should opt for a freestanding squat rack since you can easily move it around and build up a modular system as and when you please.  

How Much Should I Spend?  

To determine what you should be spending on your squat rack, you should first consider which exercises you intend to do and see which rack will help you achieve those goals. For example, if you're looking for a simple piece of kit to bench and squat, a quarter rack or a power rack will do, you’d be looking to spend £500 on a rack.  

If you want cable workouts, our Phase 2 freestanding or folding package deals are the way to go. These are from £1500 with £950 of spend on the rack.  

For full versatility, the Phase 3 range is the way to go. The power rack with dual cable attachments comes in the field of £550-£2800. 

Is the Phase 2 or Phase 3 Range Better for Me?  

Our phase 2 range squat racks are made up of a 60 x 60mm frame which is 2mm thick. On the other hand, the phase range is 75 x 75mm and is 2.5mm thick. This means that the Phase 3 range visually offers a larger and chunkier frame serving as a great base to build out your rack over time and includes the cheapest rack we offer in the quarter rack. So, if you're looking for versatility and the possibility for expansion, the Phase 3 racks are the way to go.  

If you're looking for plug-in-and-go at the cost of modularity, then the Phase 2 collection is built mainly of packages, with some of the racks being built in with cable attachments and various accessories. Whether you go for the Phase 2 or Phase 3 Range depends on your budget, space, and personal needs for a squat rack in your home gym!   

Check out this video of Chris talking about the new Phase 3 range

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