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Adjustable Dumbbell Benches

Adjustable dumbbell benches & weight benches represent about the most cost effective way to extend your home gym & expand your workout options. By setting the bench at a specific angle - decline, flat, incline - you can vastly increase the variations of exercise you can do and the ways you can target and hit the same muscle group. Our adjustable dumbbell benches are designed to meet your budget & your exercise needs, from the basic Phase 1 adjustable bench to the gym quality Phase 3 FID (flat, incline, decline).




Adjustable or flat weight bench?

Flat weight benches are great at providing a stable platform for bench pressing and other exercises aimed at targeting the chest, back and shoulders.

However, to enable you to add variety to your exercises and target the different areas of each muscle group, it pays to upgrade to an adjustable weight bench.

A FID (flat, incline, decline) adjustable bench represents maximum flexibility, these adjustable benches allow you to really focus in on specific areas of the chest, shoulders and back.