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  • 5kg - 32.5kg Quick Select Adjustable Dumbbell Set + Phase 2 Flat Incline Bench Package

5kg - 32.5kg Quick Select Adjustable Dumbbell Set + Phase 2 Flat Incline Bench Package

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5kg - 32.5kg Quick Select Adjustable Dumbbell Set + Phase 2 Flat Incline Bench Package

These high quality, heavy-duty adjustable dumbbells allow you to easily shift from 5kg to 32.5kg in 2.5kg intervals, meaning a single pair replaces a complete set of 12 fixed dumbbells and saves you space & money.

Each selectable dumbbell is precision-engineered to allow you to quickly change your resistance across 12 settings up to a maximum weight of 32.5kg. They're the evolved version of the old, spinlock style, adjustable dumbbells, removing the faff of dismantling the dumbbell to change weights and bringing it bang up to date. Simply dock the dumbbell, turn the dial & pick up a different weight. It's so fast it even allows for drop sets! They're one of the most cost-effective strength training methods out there, all tucked away in a tiny footprint.

The 32.5kg selectable dumbbells come with their own dock to facilitate simple weight-shifting and tidy storage.

Versatile & Compact

This pair of selectable dumbbells is the equivalent of 12 individual free weight sets. Dial up and down the weights in 2.5kg increments (5kg, 7.5kg, 10kg, 12.5kg, 15kg, 17.5kg, 20kg, 22.5kg, 25kg, 27.5kg, 30kg, 32.5kg) to get the resistance level you need. The wide range of weight settings makes them perfect for beginners and advanced lifters alike.

Dimensions: In tray (mm) - (H) 210 , (W) 380 , (D) 200.


The handle is engineered with soft, textured grip for comfort and ease of use.

This product is built to last with a heavily-tested gripping mechanism that securely holds the weight plates. There will be an element of movement/sound from the plates as you're using them but this is normal. Adjustable dumbbells are designed for controlled movements, so if you're looking to perform more jerking movements like snatches and swings please see our hex dumbbells, round dumbbells or kettlebells. It is also important that they are kept dry to avoid damage.

Also sold as singles and in pairs.

Want a little more?

Add an Adjustable Dumbbell Bench

A pair of 32.5kg selectable dumbbells and a Phase 2 Flat Incline Bench is a great combination for limited space. Adding a foldable dumbbell bench to your dumbbells unlocks thousands of different exercise and workout options.

Check out the full details of our Phase 2 Flat Incline Bench here.

Our Phase 2 Incline Flat Bench is the ideal adjustable bench if you’re looking for affordability and versatility. Rated to 250kg it’s designed to support you in both flat and incline positions. The rear ladder adjustment system allows for six levels of adjustments from flat to around 90 degrees, and the seat allows for three different seat angle options from flat to around 20 degrees.  

The bench features a three-post design, allowing for more comfortable feet and leg placement when performing the bench press. The grippy back pad and rubber ended feet give that added rigidity allowing you to confidently get those reps in.   

It also features a front handle along with rear wheels making it easy to move or reposition in your gym.  

Max. Dimensions: (mm)

Laid flat: (H) 450 (L) 1380 (W) 680

Upright: (H) 1440 (L) 1380 (W) 680

Back Rest: (L) 1000 (W) 300

Seat: (L) 300 (W) 300

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£550.00 £670.00

5kg - 32.5kg Quick Select Adjustable Dumbbell Set + Phase 2 Flat Incline Bench Package