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  • Phase 3 FID Dumbbell Bench

Phase 3 FID Dumbbell Bench


Phase 3 FID Dumbell Bench

Up your training game by introducing a weight bench. Incorporate dumbbells to perform exercises like bench press, Bulgarian split squats and bent over rows, or use it alone for tricep dips and incline push ups.

The Phase 3 Flat, Incline, Decline (FID) dumbbell bench is the perfect bench to add to your home gym setup. Our FID benches are designed to support you in your Flat, Incline, or Decline exercises ensuring you hit every part of a muscle group.

The backrest can be adjusted to 10 different positions ranging from a decline -10-degree angle to an upright 90-degree angle. The seat can also be adjusted to 3 separate angles, 0 degrees, -6 degrees, and -10 degrees.

Use with barbells or dumbbells for an intense, full-body workout.

  • Max. Dimensions: (mm)
    • Laid flat:
      • (H) 420, (L) 1400, (W) 750.
    • Upright:
      • (H) 1125, (L) 1400, (W) 750.
    • Pads:
      • Backrest: (L) 940, (W).
      • Seat: (L) 370, (W).


This bench has 10 adjustable levels, allowing you to target your body from different angles. Use in conjunction with a pair of dumbbells for exercises like bench press, split squats, chest flyes and more. The bench has wheels and a handle meaning it can be easily repositioned in your home gym.


The bench has a maximum combined weight of 286kg.


Covered with soft, 60mm high-density foam for comfortable exercising.

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Phase 3 FID Dumbbell Bench