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Olympic Barbells, Bars & Weight Bars

A barbell is an extremely versatile piece of kit that makes a great addition to any home gym. If you want to work on movements like squats, bench and deadlifts, a barbell is a vital tool to perform these lifts safely and progress your strength. With weight plates ranging from 1.25kg-25kg, you can adjust the weight in small or large increments to suit your movement.



How much does a barbell weigh?

A standard 7ft Olympic barbell weighs 20kg, while the slightly shorter 6ft Olympic barbell weighs 15kg - both are compatible with all Olympic plates.


What are the different types of barbells?

All barbells labelled as Olympic barbells will fit any Olympic weight plates and any of our Racks. Our "Women's" Olympic Barbell has a slightly thinner grip than our Standard Olympic Barbells and will only fit our Quarter Rack, so if you're buying a barbell to fit any other rack, make sure you take this into account. We also have a vinyl barbell, which can be dismantled for convenient storage and an EZ curl bar, which is perfect if you want to blast your biceps whilst minimising wrist pain.


What is the right barbell for you?

If you want to be able to incorporate the big-three lifts into your workouts at home, you'll need an Olympic Barbell. If you're new to working out, want to do isolation exercises or want to perfect your form, our vinyl barbell set is perfect. It even comes with weight plates, so you don't need to find your own. If you experience wrist pain when you train arms or you're looking to switch up your routine- an EZ curl bar will do wonders for you. They're great for curls, skullcrushers, and more.