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icon Mar 20, 2024 - Luke Whitburn

Everything to know about our Phase 2 Quarter Squat Rack

Welcoming our long-running Phase 2 Quarter Squat Rack, an essential piece of equipment that will transform your home workouts without breaking the budget. In this blog, we’ll dive into the key features of this versatile squat rack to help you understand how it can revolutionise your training.

What sets it apart?

The Quarter Rack stands out as a compact and budget-friendly option for your gym. It earned its reputation in 2021 as the best mid-priced rack as voted for by the Home Gym Community on Facebook. Its low-profile design means the rack can fit snugly into the corner of your gym, maximizing space and providing essential features for a comprehensive training pod.

Essential features

  • 60 x 60 x 2mm (uprights) and 5mm bracing components made from powder-coated steel
  • 15mm hole sizing
  • Dimensions: Total height 2230mm – Total width 1140mm – Total depth 1513mm
  • Net Weight: 163kg
  • Max Load: 286kg
  • Available as a package with multiple different weight plate sets to choose from


Plate or pin-loaded: it’s your choice

One of the standout features of the quarter rack is that it comes in both a plate and pin-loaded variant to suit any budget.

The plate-loaded pulley system allows you to use your existing weight plates for cable exercises – perfect for anyone with equipment already lying around in their home. The plate-loaded variant is rated to 100kg on a 1:1 ratio meaning you’ll find it very difficult to max out your lifts.

The pin-loaded model, which came highly requested from our community, facilitates quick changes during workouts, enabling efficient drop sets and supersets. The system includes an 80kg weight stack on a 1:1 ratio, giving you plenty to work with for heavier movements like low rows and lat pulldowns.

Why the quarter rack?

Both rack variations come complete with a one-of-a-kind multi-grip chin up bar, offering an array of handle options from cannonball grips to diagonal and angled grips. Bar storage and plate storage help keep your setup tidy and organised. These both sit neatly on the side of the rack so as not to obstruct your training.

Rack attachments

Along the upright of the rack are holes for you to fasten the rack's attachments to. This means you can have multiple attachments on the rack at once, like a pair of J-Hooks and Spotter Arms, giving you access to all the functionality that you’d need.

Dual Dip Bars: Attach these handles to both sides of the rack to perform dip exercises and target your triceps and chest.

Monolift: A game-changer for bench press and squats, the monolift attachment simplifies barbell positioning and makes solo training safer and more efficient.

Spotter Arms: Say goodbye to the need for a spotter. Not only are our Spotter Arms rated to 286kg, they provide another layer of safety during challenging lifts.

J-Hooks: Like the Spotter Arms, these are rated to 286kg, offering a reliable support system for various exercises.

Landmine: Introduce dynamic movements to your routine with the rack-mounted landmine attachment to build on your functional strength.

Leg Brace: This simple but effective attachment opens the door to lat pulldowns by securing your legs in-place during the exercise.

Cable accessories

Lat Pulldown Bar: A pull day’s best friend. Expand your exercise repertoire by targeting your upper back with multiple movements for a well-rounded workout.

Curl Bar: Perfect for bicep curls and other isolation exercises, this versatile bar will broaden the ways you can hit your arms.

So, is it for you?

It’s clear that the Phase 2 Quarter Rack is a champion when it comes to performance and versatility at the lower end of the budget. With its space-saving design, plethora of features and low price tag, this rack has rightfully earned its title as the best mid-priced rack of 2021. Join the hundreds of people making use of this fab piece of gym equipment to build a fitter, healthier and happier version of themselves.

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