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icon Nov 21, 2023 - Cameron Brierley

Choosing the right gym rack for you

Whether you’re outfitting a home gym or a commercial gym, a rack setup is bound to be at the top of your priority list. It allows you to tap into the key compound movements: squat, bench and deadlift, and—with the smarter solutions—cable exercises and other movements.

But with a variety of price points, styles and features to choose from, it can be daunting to know where to start. That’s why we’ve put together some of our most popular products from across our range to help you navigate the world of gym racks.

Tucked-away powerhouse: our Phase 2 Folding Rack

Phase 2 Freestanding Folding Rack (Pin-Loaded)


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Low profile, high performance. That’s how we’d sum up the Phase 2 Freestanding Folding Power Rack. It meets all of your power rack needs with a key addition: you also have access to a pulley system for your lat pulldowns and other cable movements. Choose between a plate-loaded pulley, which operates by loading weight plates onto a trolley at the back of the squat rack, or our pin-loaded option which features your more conventional cable stack.

It also folds away to just 1 meter in depth which makes it easy to store, whether it’s in your garage or a part of your house. Massive amounts of functionality in a small footprint? That’s why this rack is great for getting your home gym started.

  • Perfect for: Home gyms and small spaces

  • Variations: Plate-Loaded Pulley | Pin-Loaded Pulley

  • Key features: Folds away | Cable pulley | 286kg barbell load

  • Frame: 60mm x 60mm x 2mm powder coated steel uprights

  • Dimensions: 1654mm depth (1000mm Folded) x 1230mm width x 2261mm height

  • Benefits: It’s a massive space-saver and has a load rating that you’ll struggle to max out.

  • Available to view in: Preston

All-round performance: our Phase 3 Power Rack & Cable Stack

Phase 3 Rack & Cable Stack

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Our Phase 3 line is special because it’s modular. This means, even after you’ve made your first purchase, you can add different elements to your rack until you have the ultimate training pod. It’s a great option for your home gym if you have the space to house it and might be looking to build upon it in the future.

We’ve chosen to highlight the power rack and cable stack here, just so you have all of the functionality that you need in a home training space, but we also offer full power racks and other attachments in the Phase 3 line.

  • Perfect for: High-spec home gyms and PT studios

  • Key features: Modular design | Cable weight stack | 316kg barbell load | 2:1 cable pulley

  • Frame: 75mm x 75mm x 2.5mm powder coated steel uprights

  • Dimensions: 1426mm depth x 1997mm width x 2150mm height

  • Benefits: The modular design lets you build out your own steel playground.

  • Available to view in: Milton Keynes

Unbeatable performance: our Phase 4 Rack & Cable Pulley Machine

Phase 4 Squat Rack & Cable Pulleys

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Our Phase 4 line is quality that can’t be topped. It’s professional-grade equipment that’s suitable for commercial gyms and the most advanced home gym setups. It’s the same kit that’s used by the Premier League’s Luton Town FC in their training compound and allows for a juggernaut range of movements to be performed on it.

You have access to a 1:1 and 2:1 cable pulley, with the option of adding a pulley converter so you can use the 1:1 stack wherever you like. You can even take this setup one step further and opt for our variation that includes a build-in smith machine, too.

  • Perfect for: Elite home gyms and commercial spaces

  • Variations: With Smith Machine | Without Smith Machine
  • Key features: Modular design | Four pulleys (1:1 and 2:1) | 350kg barbell load | Storage for attachments | Plate storage

  • Frame: 75mm x 75mm x 3mm Powder Coated Steel

  • Dimensions: 1617mm depth x 1995mm width x 2320mm height

  • Benefits: Commercial-grade quality that’s trusted by individuals and Premier League football teams

  • Available to view in: Milton Keynes & Liverpool

The multi-tasker: our Multi-Functional Trainer

Multi-Functional Trainer

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The one that does it all. The Multi-Functional Trainer is a standalone piece of equipment, meaning it’s not modular and can’t be combined with any of the other phases to make into a larger rig. It is, however, the king when it comes to versatility. It’s a compact machine for how much you can do with it and competitively priced considering you can access a pair of cable weight stacks, a smith machine and a squat rack.

  • Perfect for: Compact spaces looking for a commercial-grade winner

  • Key features: Smith machine | 1:1 cable pulleys | 350kg barbell load | Plate storage

  • Frame: 50mm x 75mm x 2mm Rectangular Upright

  • Dimensions: 1400mm depth x 1995mm width x 2250mm height

  • Benefits: The Multi-Functional Trainer does a lot in a small amount of space and combines three pieces of traditional gym equipment in one.

  • Available to view in: Milton Keynes & Preston

Sleek performance: our Dual Action Pulley Cable Machine

Dual Cable Machine

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Fan of cable exercises? You’re going to love this. Our Dual Action Pulley Machine is a sleek, compact way to add cables into your home or commercial gym space. You have two 90kg weight stacks to work with, a corner design for easy placement and it even comes with the attachments you’ll be using most regularly.

  • Perfect for: High-spec home gyms and commercial gyms

  • Key features: Two 90kg weight stacks (2:1) | Storage attachment on the upright | Compact design for minimal space

  • Frame: 50mm x 50mm x 2mm Stainless Steel Front Supports

  • Dimensions: 1040mm depth x 1580mm width x 2100mm height

  • Benefits: The machine’s design means it can nestle neatly into the corner of your space where you can make use of its dual pulleys.

  • Available to view in: Milton Keynes

Our bestseller reimagined: the Advanced Multi-Functional Trainer

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Our community went wild for the Multi-Functional Trainer we released in 2023, so it's only right that we built on that success with a rack that has even more customisation.

In the Advanced Multi-Functional Trainer, the side cables are now set at a 2:1 ratio for more manageable jumps in weight, while an entirely new rear cable stack weighs in at a whopping 130kg on a 1:1 ratio. You'll have a tough time maxing that one out! It is quite a bit larger, though, so you'll need to take that into account before purchasing.

  • Perfect for: Spacious home gyms looking for an all-in-one solution

  • Key features: Two 90kg weight stacks (2:1) | One 130kg weight stack (1:1) | Smith machine | Squat rack

  • Frame: 50 x 50 x 2mm Stainless Steel Front Supports  

  • Dimensions: 2135mm depth x 1935mm width x 2306mm height

  • Benefits: You have all the features that made the original Multi-Functional Trainer so popular, with the addition of a rear weight stack for your lat pulldowns, low rows and other heavy lifts. The side cables on this machine are on a 2:1 ratio, which makes progressing through exercises like lateral raises and bicep curls much more manageable.

  • Available to view in: Coming soon

Not sure if you’ve found the perfect rack for your setup just yet? Browse our entire range to see what else we have for you.


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