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icon Feb 14, 2022 - Fitness Trainer

MuscleSquad Home Gym Equipment Phases Explained

When browsing our kit, you may have come across 'Phase 1', 'Phase 2' and 'Phase 3' in the title and wondered what it meant.

While all of our equipment is sourced and made to the highest standard, there are sometimes different types or 'Phases' of kit available based on variations in complexity, space saving solutions offered or the materials used.

Here's a breakdown of what the Phases can refer to to help you decide on what piece of equipment may be best for you:

Phase 1

MuscleSquad Phase 1 Folding Multi-Use Bench
Phase 1 equipment is designed with storage and space saving solutions in mind, as well as being budget friendly, so you'll often find equipment that folds away or serves multiple purposes in this category.
This range is perfect for someone who is new to exercise, with it's straight-forward design and versatility to be used for different exercises.
The Phase 1 range includes a choice of benches, barbells, plates and dumbbell storage.

Phase 2

MuscleSquad Phase 2 Freestanding Folding Power Rack with Pulley

Phase 2, while still space saving, is developed with more experienced users in mind. It includes some more advanced items like racks made from 2mm thick steel, tiered dumbbell storage for heavier weights and an Olympic Barbell with knurled handles for secure, even grip.

Phase 3

MuscleSquad Phase 3 Multi-Function Rack

Phase 3 equipment is made of our highest grade materials, with our Phase 3 racks being constructed of solid 2.5mm thick powder-coated steel.

This is ideal for performing heavier lifts and for people with a dedicated home gym space.

The Phase 3 range includes items like Multi-Function Racks, Power Racks and Benches.


Hopefully, this gives you a better idea of what it means when you see Phases in the title of a product, but if you're still not sure what piece of kit is best for you, you can speak to a home gym advisor here.

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