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icon Feb 01, 2022 - Fitness Trainer

Set Up A Home Gym In Your Bedroom

Here at MuscleSquad, we want to help you achieve your training goals, no matter your location.

Today we're going to talk through some of the equipment that would be suitable for a workout space in your bedroom without turning it into an actual gym.

We have a fantastic range of compact training equipment that you can utilise for home training. Let's look at some examples.

Adjustable Dumbbells

Space-saving, adaptable, and versatile, adjustable dumbbells would be a great place to start when training in a small space like your bedroom.
You can complete many exercises within the squat, hinge, push, and pull movement patterns, adjusting your weight accordingly to best challenge you.
Our heaviest set of adjustable dumbbells goes up to a whopping 40kg, but if you're thinking that this still may not be enough to challenge you, you could consider unilateral training. For example when performing exercises like split squats, single-arm presses, and single-arm row 40kg should (hopefully) be plenty to get going with, even for the strongest of us.

5-Foot Vinyl Barbell Set

This barbell set is another versatile bit of equipment, big enough to perform a multitude of exercises but small enough that you can pack it away without taking up too much space.
Better still, it breaks apart into two sections so that you can pop it in the cupboard easily - just don't forget about it in there!

You may be somebody that prefers working with a barbell over dumbbells, and that's where this bit of kit could be a winner for you.

Exercise Mat

When training at a high intensity, you can sometimes feel a bit uncomfortable so let's try and make sure that we don't add to this by being on our bedroom floor.

The muscle squad yoga mat is super comfortable and, again, easy to store and wipe down if you get a super sweat on

It's also great for that mobility work we should all be doing.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands have to be possibly the most versatile bit of kit I've ever worked with.
They can make exercises harder, such as a banded squat, or make exercises easier, such as pullups.
Resistance bands can also be used when we are restricted with equipment to complete lots of really effective push, pull, hinge and squat exercises. They can also come in really handy for injury rehabilitation.


Depending on space, you could also invest in some kettlebells as these are a great piece of kit for including some conditioning work into your training.

Need some training ideas? Here's a great Kettlebell workout you can do to focus on strength.

Creating a workout space in your bedroom doesn't have to revolve around equipment alone. You can also utilise some of the furniture you have in your bedroom - this sofa workout could be done on your bed.

The key is to be imaginative within the space that you have and buy equipment that you know you can store easily and put away when you're not using it.

This means when your bedroom is for sleeping, it's nice and relaxing, but when it's time to train, you can be in your home gym in the blink of an eye.

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