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  • Squad Starter Pack; Slam Ball, Gym Mat, Resistance Bands

Squad Starter Sets

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Squad Starter Sets

If you are new to fitness and beginning your journey working out from home, the squad starter sets are a fantastic place to start.

We have developed specific workout plans utilising these groups of equipment, which can be accessed post purchase and will support you on your fitness journey. 

Squad Starter Set 1 - Resistance Bands, 8kg Slam Ball & Mat

Set 1 features a set of resistance bands (3 bands with different levels of resistance: 2.5-12.5kg, 7.5-17.5kg, 10-22.5kg), 8kg slam ball and a exercise mat. This set is great if your goals are to improve mobility and overall fitness without having to commit a lot of space in your home. Slam balls allow you to perform a diverse range of high impact exercises, resistance bands have the dual functionality for mobility work and strength training and the mat provides you a surface to perform your exercises protecting you from the hard floor.

Squad Starter Set 2 - Resistance Bands, 8kg Kettlebell, 5kg Neoprene Dumbbell Pair & Mat

Set 2 includes a set of resistance bands (3 bands with different levels of resistance: 2.5-12.5kg, 7.5-17.5kg, 10-22.5kg), 8kg cast iron kettlebell, pair of 5kg neoprene dumbbells and exercise mat. Set two comes with a kettlebell which unlocks an entire pool of functional full body exercises from kettlebell swings to Turkish get-ups while the Neoprene dumbbells allow you to isolate your specific muscles, for example through bicep curls or tricep extensions.

Squad Starter Set 3 - 6kg Hex, 8kg Kettlebell, Mat & Shaker

Set 3 comes with a pair of 6kg hex dumbbells, 8kg cast iron kettlebell, exercise mat and a Insulated Water Bottle for your workout beverage of choice. If you are looking to begin your home fitness journey and have a bit more space for equipment but want to keep it within a budget, this set may be the best pick for you. Set 3 comes with Hex Dumbbells which are versatile and have a high-quality rubber finish that protects the dumbbell from wear and tear. The set also includes our exclusive Muscle Squad Shaker Cup, perfect for protein shakes, smoothies or even just water to keep you hydrated during your workouts.


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£50.00 £56.00

Squad Starter Sets