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icon Nov 11, 2021 - Fitness Trainer

Choosing Weight Plates for your Home Gym: What to Consider From Our Fitness Experts

Kyle – Competition Plates

I like using the Competition plates because of the size, they are designed to be the right height off the floor for deadlifts, Olympic lifts and Compound lifts.

The inside is designed so the balance of the weight is correct, this makes them move properly in the air. The thickness allows you to stack them up on the bar and the material is sturdy to allow for the shock of dropping to the floor while lifting.

I specifically like the metal core plates because they look sleek.

RileyBarbell Standard Classic Plates

These are one of my favourite plates because of their retro style echoing the nostalgia of old school bodybuilding gyms. They allow me to load up the bar to the maximum weight easily and efficiently. The value for money is also the best making it the most cost effective way to load up the bar.

I also like the noise they make when you lift them, it’s very satisfying.

CarlTri Grip Rubber

I love the rubber tri-grip plates because of how versatile and effective they are. Seeing as I do predominantly bodybuilding type training, they're perfect for sliding onto any type of bar, the standard bar for benching and squatting or the EZ bar for curling or tricep extensions, and can even be added to an olympic dumbbell bar! They're so easy to pick up due to the tri-grip shape, and the fact they're slightly smaller than bumper plates means they're great to add to plate loaded cable pulleys as they save plenty of space.

Not only do they look great but they're functional as well, because you can use them on their own for a number of exercises like lateral or front raises - as a substitute for a dumbbell if you don't have one. Plus, if you drop them, you won't damage them or your floor so it's a win win!

Saira – Black Bumpers

Bumper plates are a great addition to increase weight on a barbell but also if you wanted to do an exercise like a ground to overhead or for all core strengthening exercises. I also love how easy they are to store on a rack or at home.

My favourite exercise is a glute bridge raise and these bumper plates allow me to easily set up and do this exercise.