Top Living Room Gym Equipment

Top Living Room Gym Equipment

With everything that’s happened in the last 12-18 months, I think we’d all agree on the importance of having some sort of workout equipment at home. Whether it's for the convenience of getting in a quick 30-minute workout or just enjoying the comfort of your own home while working up a sweat, there’s a vast array of benefits to having your own living room gym.

Your level of fitness, experience, and goals will usually dictate the type of equipment you want to use within your living room gym, along with your space and budget requirements. Some of the best pieces of living room gym equipment for smart use of space are;

 Yoga Mats, Resistance Bands & Medicine/Slam Balls

A yoga mat, a set of resistance bands, and a medicine ball are a great start to your living room gym. 

A yoga mat is perfect to make any floor surface usable for exercise, nobody likes doing sit-ups on cold tiles! 

When it comes to resistance bands, they’re inexpensive and you can hit virtually any body part at a challenging intensity. Consider any bodyweight exercise that comes to mind, be it a squat, push up, pull up, walking lunge, or even if you’re looking to spice up a pilates workout - when you add a resistance band into the mix, an already tough exercise can become intensified, with the added bonus that the bands are very simple to safely incorporate into your routine. 

Combine a resistance band exercise with a medicine ball ab workout and your cost-effective living room gym is coming together nicely!


Dumbbells & Kettlebells

Adding dumbbells and kettlebells into your living room gym is a great way to kick the intensity up a notch. Ideal if the resistance band workouts are no longer as challenging or if you’re just looking to increase the number of exercises available to you, the added weight a dumbbell/kettlebell has to offer brings a welcoming variety to your living room gym. They’re also a great way to incorporate more dynamic movements like dumbbell thrusters, kettlebell swings and Turkish get-ups, helping to create a more well-rounded physique and increase your functional strength.


Barbell, Weight Plates & Power Racks

If you thought a dumbbell workout was hard, loading up the plates for a one-rep max on bench press or squat will really get your heart racing! Excellent for increasing overall strength, power and size, barbell workouts are great for loading up the compound movements that get the whole body involved, maximising calories burnt, engaging your core, and sharpening your central nervous system to really push your limits. The power rack also serves as a built-in safety feature for when you're racking up the weight.



Treadmills are a mainstay in the fitness industry and for good reason. You can run miles without ever having to leave your living room gym! 

Want to go for a quick run but don’t feel safe running late at night or fancy going out in the pouring rain? No worries. Jump on the treadmill and you can stay in routine without missing your workout. With multiple different training modes, you can choose from a steady-state aerobic run through to a High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) mode that’ll have the incline and speed adjusting automatically.


As you can see, having your own living room gym setup doesn’t have to involve you slogging your way through the same set of bodyweight exercises you learned in PE over and over again but can actually be a fun, challenging and rewarding experience that’s full of variety, is cost-effective and convenient, making working out at home a viable option for many routine gym-goers. It’s also great to have a few pieces of home gym equipment as a backup plan if your gym has to shut unexpectedly or your schedule limits how much time you get to train.


So next time instead of missing out on your workouts altogether, get a step ahead of the game and head down to your living room gym and keep the progress rolling!

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