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PT Studio Equipment

Having outfitted numerous PT studios over the years, we’re well-versed in the type of equipment that personal trainers need to do their jobs well. Whether you’re shopping for upgrades or starting from scratch, we have everything you need to build a professional, inviting and productive training studio for clients. 


What you should know about PT equipment

Personal training equipment lives in that zone between home gym equipment and commercial pieces. It needs to be high-quality and durable, but also affordable since most personal training studios are run by small businesses.

At its minimum, a personal training studio should have cardio equipment, free weights, several power racks along with all the benches, barbells and weight plates that clients need to train with.

We developed our Phase 3 line in answer to this. It’s a modular series where each rack can be extended upon by additional power cages, weight storage racks or cable stacks, opening up all of the training options you need in one uninterrupted flow. Our other equipment, including the Phase 4 Rack and standalone products like the Multi-Functional Trainer and Dual Action Pulley Cable Machine, are also great additions to any PT studio.

Take a look through our equipment and see what looks right for you. If you have any questions, check out our FAQs below or get in touch with our team who’d be happy to help.



Can you design my PT studio for me?

Absolutely. We offer gym design services and have worked with a number of personal trainers in the past to build a space that meets their needs. Simply get in touch with our team with the measurements of your training area and a brief idea of what you’re looking to achieve and we’ll get things rolling from there.


What dumbbells do I need in a PT studio?

We often say that dumbbells are the cornerstone of any gym setup and the same is true for a PT studio. When deciding what to buy in the free weights department, you should focus on fixed dumbbells. While adjustable dumbbells are nice for home use, you’ll need several sets of dumbbells in a PT studio for running group sessions.

Our bestselling hex dumbbells work perfectly in a PT setting and even come with storage options to keep everything organised. For an extra touch of class, consider upgrading to our commercial PU dumbbells for a workout your clients won’t forget.


What kettlebells do I need?

As a functional training tool, kettlebells are essential in a PT studio. You should invest in a broad weight range here so that your clients are never left wanting for a particular weight. In terms of what type of kettlebell we recommend, you can’t go wrong with a cast iron kettlebell to keep the aesthetic clean and the weight functional.


What squat rack do I need?

Picking a squat rack for your PT studio is like choosing the centrepiece to your living room. It’s likely to be the focal point of your sessions, so you need one (or several!) racks that cater to all of your client’s needs. This means having a solid max load for heavy lifters along with customisation for people who’d prefer to exercise with a landmine attachment, resistance bands, cables or anything else.

We recommend our Phase 3 line, but talking generally we’d suggest a rack system with a load of 300kg+ and one with a number of add-on attachments. If you want to have one uninterrupted line of squat racks, you should also make sure that you choose a modular product line.


What cable machine do I need?

Operating a PT studio means accommodating clients of all strength and fitness levels. As such, a 2:1 cable machine is a must as it allows clients to progress in ~2.5kg increments. We won’t go into depth about cable ratios here, but a 2:1 system means that the weight on the cable stack is halved at the handle which is much more friendly towards beginners.

Browse through our range of cable machines and be sure to check the descriptions as to which ones are on a 2:1 ratio.


What cardio machines do I need?

As long as you have the space available, you should provide clients with at least one treadmill, exercise bike and rower. If you can double up on these machines then ever better, and adding more unique cardio equipment like a ski trainer or stair master can give you a nice selling point for getting clients on board.


What bench do I need?

No PT studio is complete without a number of weight benches to work from. As we’ve mentioned in previous FAQs, you need to consider the bodyweight of your clients and the weight they’ll be lifting to find a bench with the right max load.

We’d recommend benches with a max load of 200kg+ for your free weights area, which will comfortably support your client’s dumbbell movements. Our Phase 2 incline bench has a max load of 250kg to give you this coverage and then some.

For your racks and rigs, we’d recommend investing in a set of benches with a max load of at least 300kg. This is to futureproof yourself for powerlifters who might be bench pressing considerable weight Check out our commercially-graded Phase 4 FID bench to cover yourself here.


What barbells do I need?

2-inch Olympic barbells are a non-negotiable for a PT studio. These are the standards among weightlifting and bring that premium feeling to a gym.

The only point we’ll make here is, again, to make sure that the bar’s load rating covers your strongest clients. Our Phase 2 7-foot bars have a max load of 300kg so you never need to worry about over-stacking it.


What weight plates do I need?

Anybody paying for a professional personal training studio will expect 2-inch Olympic plates. These are the norm for barbell exercises and allow clients to perform heavy pulling and pushing movements.

The type of 2-inch plates you go for is up to you. Bumper plates are particularly suitable for deadlifts since the plates are all the same diameter, while tri-grip plates excel in being easy to rack and un-rack.


What storage do I need?

While you can get away with a messy gym at home, you need to keep your business presentable. Make sure you have dumbbell racks to store your weights neatly and storage hooks for keeping your weight plates ordered. Any other equipment you have like kettlebells, slam balls or resistance bands can be placed on add-on storage attachments for your rack.


What flooring do I need?

You should fit your studio with rubber floor tiles that are at least 20mm thick. Not only will this protect your building’s foundation, but it will also prevent your equipment from being damaged and create a professional-looking workout space for your clients.


Is there anything else I need in a PT studio?

The broader the range of equipment you offer, the better. Some other nice-to-haves in a personal training space are slam balls, resistance bands, plyo boxes and mobility equipment.