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Small Space

It's perfectly possible to create a home gym in very little space - at the end of your bed, in front of the sofa, or even, we've seen, next to the dishwasher. A set of adjustable dumbbells, a couple of kettlebells, some exercise bands and an exercise mat would allow you to do a huge array of exercises and complete many & varied home workouts. Here we've collected together the exercise equipment best suited to these small but perfect home gym areas.



What equipment do you need to start your home gym?

If you were to pick three items to start your home workouts in a small space, a good start would be a gym mat, a set of resistance bands and a pair of dumbbells. These will take up very little space but are versatile enough to give you a whole-body workout. If you want to focus on strength training, a pair of adjustable dumbbells serve as a whole rack in one, allowing you to load your exercises progressively. Or another option is this vinyl barbell set, which comes apart into two halves for easy storage.


Can you work out effectively in a small space?

The short answer here is yes, you absolutely can. Whether you want to build muscle, improve endurance or lose weight, it's all about the exercises you do and the intensity you work at, not the space you have. Visit our workout guides page to get some ideas on workouts you can do at home to suit your goals. If you struggle with motivating yourself at home, it can be helpful to follow along with workout videos on YouTube or sign up to a virtual training programme to keep yourself accountable.