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Dumbbell Sets

Dumbbells are the foundation of any home or commercial gym setup. Investing in a quality dumbbell set will give you the correct weight ranges for each exercise and will future-proof your collection as you grow stronger. Find the perfect set of hand weights for you below.




Are hex or round dumbbells better?

You’ll notice that dumbbells come in two primary shapes: those with hexagonal heads (hex) and those with round heads. Both dumbbell types will give you a good workout, but there are a few key differences between them. The flat sides on a hex dumbbell make it possible to perform floor exercises like renegade rows, which can make them the better choice for some people. Once you set a hex dumbbell down, it’s not going anywhere, either. Whether you’re in between sets or finishing a workout, you know the dumbbells are going to be exactly where you left them when you return. Round dumbbells, on the other hand, can roll around when you’re not using them. But there’s a benefit to this, too. It’s a lot easier to transport a round dumbbell from one side of the room to another because you can simply roll it along. This can make them a much better option for people who use heavy dumbbells regularly but don’t want to carry them back and forth.


Why should I buy multiple pairs of dumbbells?

The first instinct when you’re building out a workout space can be to purchase a single pair of dumbbells to train with. And while that might suit some people, it’s likely that you’re going to need to expand that collection soon after. That’s because your body is naturally stronger in some areas than others. If you buy a single pair of 5kg dumbbells, for example, you might find them perfect for skullcrushers but far too light for shoulder press. A dumbbell set with regular weight intervals solves this problem. You’ll have a set of dumbbells that’s the perfect weight for each movement, letting you train much more effectively than being tied to a single weight.


How can I store my dumbbells?

We have a number of storage options for your dumbbells, available to purchase with your weights or as stand-alone products. For lighter dumbbells, consider a dumbbell tree to keep them ordered and save space. For medium to heavy dumbbells, it’s likely that you’ll need a more complete solution like our Phase 2 or Phase 3 storage racks. Whichever one you choose, just don’t overload it! All of our dumbbell storage options have a weight limit that is clearly displayed on their pages. It’s important to add that you don’t need dedicated storage for your dumbbells. It’s equally valid to keep your dumbbells under your bed as it is to have them displayed on a rack — so long as they’re getting used!