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Shared Space

At MuscleSquad, we believe in beautiful home gyms. Whether it's a mat at the end of your bed or a fully kitted out converted garage - where you work out should fit your space as well as your needs. Here we've collected the home gym equipment best suited for a shared workout space like a spare bedroom or study etc:




What equipment would be good for a shared space?

As great as it is to have a home gym, most of us simply can't sacrifice an entire room or garage to the sole purpose of a gym; you may need to have more of a gym-come-workshop or a studio-come-study situation, and that can work just as well. This is where multi-functional and fold-away equipment can be a real problem solver. We stock a wide range of space-saving equipment to suit your needs, without you having to sacrifice quality. Take, for example, our Fold Away Rack. This rack provides an enormous amount of versatility. It attaches to your wall, where it stays, with the bulk of the frame folding neatly away when you're done. For cardio, our P100 and P200 treadmills both fold away for easy storage. We also stock fold-away benches and space-saving dumbbell storage racks, so a limited space can quickly become limitless.


Benefits of having a home gym

Having a gym at home is all about eliminating barriers and opening opportunities. Work from home? You can work out on your lunch break without spending time going to and from the gym. Financial barriers? A home gym can be built up slowly. You could start with a small space and see how it works for you, then expand. It's not all-or-nothing. Pandemic? Availability? Bad weather? Gym-phobia? Problems of the past. In short, having a gym at home breaks through a lot of barriers to exercise and gives you a dedicated zen space to just focus on yourself: no wiping away someone else's sweat, no waiting for equipment to free up, it's just you and your goals.